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Which Makita Track Saw Is the Best in 2024? [Top 6 Reviewed]

Makita Track Saw(s) are some of the best available in the market and out of their wide offering finding the right one could be tricky. So, in this article we discuss what you need to know before choosing the right one you.

Makita tools are among the best. Makita is a trusted and proven company that consistently produces top-quality consumer tools. For this reason, if you want to pur  chase a brand-new track saw, it would be a good idea to check out Makita products.

But, you need not worry since we will assist you in selecting the right Makita Track Saw according to your need. In this article, you will find some of the best track saws offered by Makita.

The 6 Best Makita Track Saws

1. Makita GPS01Z Cordless Track Saw

Makita GPS01Z Cordless Track Saw

Makita GPS01Z Track Saw is the best choice if you want precise and accurate cutting. This saw comes with a brushless motor and an automatic speed adjustment feature.

The speed adjustment feature allows for accurate adjustment of speed and torque during cutting to ensure optimal performance. This saw offers variable speed control between 2,500 and 4,900 RPM, featuring an electric brake and a soft start for ease of use.

Further, it also provides constant speed control that ensures a flawless result despite heavy loads. In addition, it has a large cutting capacity of 2-3/16″ at 90 degrees, while its bevel capability is around -1 to 48 degrees.


  • Variable speed control dial supported

  • Exceptional cutting capacity

  • Contains locking lever

  • Built-in depth stop option

  • Soft start features


  • A bit noisy

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2. Makita XSH08Z Cordless Track Saw

XSH08Z Cordless Track Saw

Makita XSH08Z is a powerful saw that provides a handy battery indicator and rafter hook. It has an impressive amount of power and a depth of cut that is more than adequate. While there’s no worm drive in the Makita XSH08Z, it functions similarly.

Moreover, it has 9-1/4-inch blades to allow it to cut more profoundly than a regular circular saw. The adjustments on the Makita XSH08Z track saw are effortless and straightforward.

Additionally, the motor is potent, and the power level appears clearly. This powerful motor on Makita XSH08Z offers maximum performance at 6,000 RPM and 50% more run time than comparable competitive models.


  • High 2-3/8″ cutting capacity

  • Maximum cutting depth

  • Lightweight

  • Portable

  • Durable


  • Battery not include

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3. Makita XSH10Z Cordless Track Saw

The XSH10Z Cordless

If you want a track saw with a large blade and high cutting capacity, you must choose Makita XSH10Z. With its brushless motor, this model can reach speeds as high as 4500 RPM.

Makita XSH10Z has higher power than other track saws, making it perfect for professionals. Besides, you can adjust the angle to 45 degrees and enjoy a smooth cutting experience.

This machine can cut wood up to 3-3/8″ thick. Besides, despite giving a good grip, it maintains a comfortable feel. As a result, this budget track saw is more enjoyable to use than most.


  • Offer automatic speed change technology

  • Support extreme protection

  • Have Auto-start capability

  • Lightweight

  • Portable


  • Traditional design

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4. Makita XPS02ZU Cordless Track Saw

XPS02ZU Cordless Track Saw

Makita XPS02ZU features a powerful 18V motor capable of performing heavy cutting. A 6.5-inch blade on this track saw helps cut wood smoothly without leaving any splinters behind.

Additionally, this track saw is capable of tilting the blade 90 degrees, which means it can take care of all those bevel cuts. The machine can cut 2-3/16-inch wood at a 90-degree angle.

Also included is a variable speed dial allowing adjustment between 2,500 and 6,300 revolutions per minute. Due to the variable speed dial, you can control the cuts precisely, resulting in a more accurate outcome.


  • Support variable speed control

  • Can cut large wood panels

  • Offer precious cutting

  • Longer run time


  • Pricey

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5. Makita XPS01Z Cordless Saw

Makita XPS01Z Cordless Saw

When looking for a track saw that offers excellent value, you may find the Makita XPS01Z a good option. This track saw comes with a 36V motor, making it spin at 6300 RPM.

As with other models, you can control the speed. The blade measures 6.5 inches offering effortless cutting. A brushless motor is also present in the Makita XPS01Z.

As a result, it can handle more work with little maintenance. Additionally, the machine will easily work through an angle of 45 degrees.


  • carbide-tipped blade

  • Anti-kick mechanism

  • Adjustable speed

  • Powerful motor


  • Less durable

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6. Makita SP6000J1 Track Saw

SP6000J1 Track Saw

SP6000J1 is the last track saw on our list of the best Makita track saws. It cuts easily through materials with a 6-1/2 inch cutting blade.

Moreover, Makita SP6000J1 features a 12AMP motor capable of completing most cuts in one pass. This motor can help attain 2,000 to 5,200 RPM to achieve the best results with various materials.

It also supports electronic speed control that ensures that the cutting speed remains constant under load so that the cutting is smooth.


  • Optimum performance

  • Offer accurate cutting

  • Large cutting ability


  • RPM is a bit less

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Makita Track Saw Buying Guide

Various track saw models are available for home DIY projects, so choosing the right one can be challenging. The following factors will help you select the best Makita track saw.

Corded vs Cordless

There has always been a debate over whether corded or cordless tools are better. You get more power with corded saws and don’t need to change batteries.

When cutting tough wood, like oak or walnut, it proves exceptionally effective. However, corded track saws might be heavier than cordless ones.

In contrast, cordless track saws do not require a power cord, so you do not have to worry about it tangling. But they do come with a battery that might need replacing.

The act of changing a battery mid-cut might leave noticeable scars on the cutting edge. So, both corded and cordless Makita track saws have their benefits and shortcomings. Ultimately, the user must decide which aspect is more critical.

Blade Size

Blade size determines how thick material can be cut by a track saw. In general, track saw blades are between 5 and 7 inches long and can cut materials up to 2 inches thick.

A track saw with a blade sized 8 to 9 inches can cut materials around 3 inches wide. Therefore, you should consider the blade size per your need. Large blade size is a must if you are cutting thicker wood.

Speed Adjustments

There is the option to adjust the speed on some Makita track saws. Keeping the speed under control prevents burning wood and dulling the blades. A track saw with speed settings usually has a low rate of 2,000 rpm and a high speed of 5,000 rpm.

It is best to use high-speed settings when working on soft materials. If you’re working with dense woods, lower the speed to the lowest setting available.

Reduced speed prevents unsightly burns and ensures the blade remains in optimum cutting condition. Whenever you slow the rotation of the blade, pay attention to kickback. There are track saws with a built-in anti-kickback option.

Bevel Capacity

A track saw’s bevel capacity determines how well the track saw can cut wood at different angles. Hence, bevel capacity would be crucial in your customized woodwork.

If you wish to make angled cuts, check to see if your tool supports them. Thus, getting sharper cuts and adjusting depth capacity would be easy.

Motor Power

A motor with extremely high power is necessary to cut toughened wood. For this reason, our recommendation is to choose a tool with robust motors.

Getting a track saw with a 6000 RPM motor is the best power. You can, however, go below 4000 RPM for routine woodworking tasks.


In this review, we cover a variety of Track Saws from Makita brands that offer different features. After reading this review, it is up to you to decide which track saw best meets your needs.

However, the GPS01Z or XPS02ZU models are my top recommendations for the Best Makita track saws. Track saws such as the GPS01Z or XPS02ZU will make cutting wood easier for you.

In case you are looking for a track saw with a specific purpose, you can check out our other reviewed track saws.

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