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Milwaukee 7-1/4 circular saw (6391-21) Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

Milwaukee 7-14 circular saw (6391-21)


Circular saws are very important when you are taking up projects. You can use the circular saw to work on the metal as well as wood. There is a variety of material that you can work upon with the help of the circular saw. If you plan to buy a circular saw, then one brand worth consideration is Milwaukee. The brand is quite a reliable choice if you need a circular saw. We can certainly recommend Milwaukee 7-14 Circular Saw for your use if you are looking for recommendations, and you will love it. Here is a short review of this particular option so that you can decide about the purchase.

Milwaukee 7-14 circular saw (6391-21)

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Milwaukee 7-14 Circular Saw (6391-21) Motor

The motor is like the heart of any saw, and you should pay attention to the motor to understand the reliability and the power associated with the saw. You will be glad to know that the brand offers a 15 Amp motor in Milwaukee 7-14 Circular Saw, and the motor is capable of achieving a speed of 5800 RPM with no-load. This translates into a powerful machine that can deal with any material. The motor generates 3.25 horsepower, and it never struggles to cut material. The motor is also covered by the five-year warranty offered by the brand, which certainly provides you with quality assurance.

Milwaukee 7-14 Circular Saw (6391-21) Blade

After the motor, the next important thing in the saw is the blade. You would be replacing the blade multiple times in the saw’s lifetime, but you still need to check the stock blade that you are getting with whatever you purchase. Talking about Milwaukee 7-14 Circular Saw, the blade is mounted on the left side, improving visibility. The blade has a carbide tip that lasts for very long, and it delivers smooth results too. You also get a wrench with the saw, making it easy for you to remove the blade. The stock blade has a length of 7.25 inches. Since the saw is capable of a 50-degree bevel, it becomes easy for you to get an angled cut.

Milwaukee 7-14 Circular Saw (6391-21) Comfort & Grip

Another important aspect of the Milwaukee 7-14 Circular Saw is its comfort and grip. The saw features a soft handle grip which makes it pretty comfortable to work with the saw. The weight of the saw is 10.4 pounds, and hence you will not end up with a sore wrist when you are working long hours on the saw. As per many professionals, this is one of the most comfortable saws available in the market. Such designs are great for a higher level of accuracy as well. So, while you are looking for a comfortable saw with a good grip, you can consider this option, and you will fall in love with the saw.

Other Features

The brand has mounted the blade towards the left, and hence it proves to be a cheaper option than the drivers. The brand also offers you a blow-molded storage case which not only keeps the saw clean but is also great for the times when you have to travel around with the saw. The stock blade has a good quality, and you can also accommodate any other 7-14 blade in the saw. You can change or adjust the blade with the help of the wrench offered to you.

Since the brand offers a five-year warranty, you feel that peace of mind, and you can be assured that you won’t have to deal with poor quality or manufacturing defects. The lightweight design of the saw is also of great help. As per an estimate, this circular saw is at least 33% lighter than the other options in the market. The ability to adjust the bevel is also an excellent feature for the users.


Amps 15 Amp Soft Handle Grip Yes
Cord/Cordless Corded – 9 Feet Tool Free Bevel Yes
Length 13.75 Inches Bevel Capacity 50 Degree
Warranty 5 Years Spindle 5/8 Inches
Voltage 120 AC/DC Adjustable Handle Yes
Weight 10.4 Pounds Depth of Cut at 45 Degree 1 – 13/16
Arbor Size 5/8 inches Depth of Cut at 50 Degree 1 – 11/16
No Load RPM 5800 Depth of Cut at 90 Degrees 2 – 7/16
Spindle Lock Yes Electrical Brake No


  • The first advantage of this saw is that it is effortless to use. You won’t have to struggle with the usage or the maintenance of the saw.
  • The soft grip and the lightweight make it to be a good combination. You won’t feel tired because of the vibrations or anything else.
  • The cutting speed is fast, and the output power is also incredible. The no-load rpm and the high horsepower assure you of the quality output of the Milwaukee 7-14 Circular Saw.
  • You can run the Milwaukee 7-14 Circular Saw for a long time, and you will never face heating issues with the saw. Overall, the product is highly reliable.


  • The depth setting adjustment is slightly tight, and you will have to struggle with the same, at least in the initial few attempts.
  • The blade provided with this saw can lead to sparks while cutting metal since the blade is not a cold-cut circular saw blade.
  • The electrical brakes and a viewing window would have been a welcoming addition to the saw.


Milwaukee 7-14 Circular Saw is one of the most powerful circular saw available in the market. It offers you on-demand power, and it can easily cut through various materials. The saw has a fantastic quality, and it is also available at an affordable price point. Since the Milwaukee 7-14 Circular Saw is corded, it is also an affordable choice. The cord length of the saw is 9 feet, and it is usually enough for your workshop. The life of the blade is long, and the circular saw is also very durable. With an extended manufacturer warranty, you can go ahead and opt for this model without a doubt.

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