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Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

Milwaukee 2530-20


When buying a circular saw, you would want to get 7.5 inches saw, but it may not be helpful when you are doing small projects. For such tasks, 7-1/2 may prove to be bulky and not very accurate. So, what you need with such tasks is a 5-3/8 circular saw. The problem with this size is that you will find very few reliable options in the market. In such a case, you should always go ahead and opt for a circular saw from a reliable brand. One such option is Milwaukee, and this brand has been a pioneer in the power tool industry.

Milwaukee 2530-20

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While looking for the 5-3/8 circular saw, you would have also come across Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20). This is quite an impressive circular saw, and to help you with the purchase decision, we have reviewed it for you. Go ahead and check out the details now.

Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) Motor

The most important part of the power tool is the motor of the saw. Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) features a 12 volt motor powered by a battery. The motor is very reliable, and it is also efficient. Because of the high efficiency, the motor can deliver 170 cuts per charge, which is as much as twice when compared with the other products. You get a constant output even after using the battery for the long term. You will not notice any slowness even if the battery is about to get discharged. Another good thing about the motor oMilwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) is that it is a brushless motor. This translates into almost negligible maintenance and no downtime. The motor doesn’t have a part that would need to be replaced because of the wear & tear. Additionally, the motor has a protection system in-built which protects it from over-discharging, overheating, and overloading.

Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) Blade

Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) comes with a framing blade with a thin kerf of 5-3/8. This removes a minimum amount of material while you are using the saw. The carbide teeth of the blade work well, and they are very sturdy. The blade has a TPI of 16, which gives you a smooth cut when dealing with 2×2 lumber. The blade handles the embedded nails easily, and it doesn’t get heated too. There are expansion slots in the blade that accommodate the expansion so the blade doesn’t overheat.

Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) Comfort & Grip

During our test, we found Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) to be comfortable. The design is lightweight even after installing the battery module, which makes it very comfortable to use Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) for a long time. The shoe and the guards are designed with aluminum, which results in improved durability and results in lower weight. The soft-grip absorbs the majority of vibrations, and you can hold the saw comfortably. Overall, we can say that using Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) is very straightforward, and we didn’t encounter any discomfort or sore wrist while using this circular saw.

Other Features

The recommended battery back with Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) is RedLithium XC4.0, and while using this battery pack, you will notice that the saw doesn’t lose power while working. The saw also has LED lights that are pointed towards the blade. These lights enable you to view the cutline better, especially when working in bad lighting conditions. The result is higher accuracy and precision. Apart from these features, one noteworthy feature of the Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) is the presence of RedLink Plus Intelligence that optimizes the performance and protects the saw from any damage. The brand also offers a five-year warranty on the tool, which is the longest in the segment.


Voltage 12V Soft Handle Grip Yes
Cord/Cordless Cordless Tool Free Bevel Yes
Length 12-3/8 inches Bevel Capacity 50 Degree
Warranty 5 Years LED Yes
Voltage 120 AC/DC Adjustable Handle Yes
Weight 5.35 lbs Built-in Blower No
Blade Type 16T Arbor Size 10 mm
No Load RPM 3600 Battery Included No
Spindle Lock Yes Electrical Brake No


  • Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) is affordable, easy to use, and fantastic. You can use it easily for the small projects where you wish to use lightweight tools.
  • The saw is powerful enough to deal with construction activities, and the LED light on the saw gives you the desired visibility.
  • You can easily cut through the sheets of plywood using the stock blade. You also get a wrench to change the blade.
  • The bevel capacity of the saw is 50 degrees, and you can adjust the bevel without any tool. The handle of the saw is also adjustable, which makes it even easier to use.
  • The battery capacity is impressive if you are using an M12 series battery. It gives you desired result with excellent cutting capacity.


  • Some users report that Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) is weak if you plan to cut 2x4s. The saw would get overloaded, and it will shut off. The maximum that you should use this saw is for 2x2s.
  • There is no storage case provided with Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20).


Overall, Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) is an excellent saw if you look for compact and affordable tools. The blade provided with this saw is also amazing, and it is going to last for a long time before you would need a replacement. The saw also has a lightweight design which always works in your favor. There is no compromise in terms of the quality of the saw, and you will always get the desired accuracy while you are using Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20). If you already have an M12 battery pack, you can save more money while buying this saw since you can reuse the same battery pack with Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20). Overall, we would recommend Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) if you are looking for a compact yet powerful tool for your workshop.

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