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Milwaukee Vs DeWalt Metal Band Saw: Which One Is Better?


A band saw has several uses and it is one of the commonly used power tools today. A band saw is available in different types, each of them is designed to serve the same basic function and cut the workpiece fed to them. In the beginning, band saws were large and designed to be stationary. Today, majority models of band saws are designed to be stationary. However, there are portable band saws that could be carried around with ease. 

A portable band saw is comparatively more useful than a stationary band saw. Over the past few years, the demand for portable band saws has increased and therefore, the number of models available on the market has also increased. Among all the brands that manufacture and markets portable band saws, DeWalt, and Milwaukee are most prominent. The metal band saws of these brands market is two of the top-rated portable metal band saws.

The hardest part of selecting a metal band saw from today’s market is that it is hard to find a product with high-speed motor and a durable heavy-duty blade. Luckily, DeWalt DCS371B and Milwaukee 6232-21 are two of the top-rated portable metal bandsaws that come with such features. But, since both these power tools come from two different brands, most customers are confused about, which product is the best.

To select the best portable metal bandsaw from these two, you will have to first understand each of these power tools’ capabilities. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Things you need to know about a DeWalt DCS371B 20V MAX Portable Band Saw –

DeWalt is one of the oldest power tool manufacturing and marketing brands on the market today. This brand has been on the market for almost 96-years and has its headquarters in The United States of America. 

The DCS371B is one of the top-rated portable bandsaws that you could get today. This portable bandsaw could be your best option if you do not plan on cutting thick logs, lumber, and very dense metal. This 20V saw is one of the best bandsaws that you could invest it. It comes with a sturdy and stable frame that could offer maximum power, and, at the same time, withstand harsh conditions. When it comes to compatible material, this bandsaw could cut metal pipes, plastic, wood, and fiber with ease. The blades incorporated into this product is designed for heavy-duty, and, therefore, the user would not have to replace it soon.

Construction – 

When it comes to the overall construction, this bandsaw only weighs 8-lbs and it comes incorporated with a 20V motor, which is comparatively better than most of the models out there on the market. This bandsaw has a centered handle and an auxiliary handle, which is highly balanced for better control.

Cutting capacity –

This portable metal bandsaw is designed in such a way that it could cut through 2.5-inches of steel or wood with ease. Our expert reviewers have found out that this bandsaw could cut through a 2-inch steel pipe in less than 1-minute, which is comparatively better than other portable metal bandsaws.

Speed –

This portable metal bandsaw could deliver a maximum speed of 570 fpm. This speed is one of the major factors that enable the blades to cut through metal with ease.

Type of blade –

Since this bandsaw itself is a portable one, you should expect the size of the band saw blade to be small. However, this one comes with a 37-7/8-inch blade. Even if the blade is small, it comes specially designed to offer a prolonged lifespan. Apart from the special design, the manufacturer has added a blade tracking system, which is supported by a dual blade support system. This unique addition also allows the user to change the blade without a tool. All you have to do is loosen the blade and pull it out.

Extra features –

Apart from all these important features, this portable metal bandsaw comes with inbuilt LED work light that illuminates the working area for enhanced visibility. The product also comes with a hook that could facilitate hanging the bandsaw after work to store it.

Advantages of DeWalt DCS371B 20V MAX Portable Band Saw –

  • This DeWalt portable metal bandsaw is lightweight and compact. The entire product weighs only 8-lbs.
  • The product comes incorporated with a specially designed cutting blade and also an extra tracking and support feature that could extend the blade life.
  • This product is cordless and runs on a DeWalt battery, which is available in almost any shop.
  • The extra features incorporated into this power tool, allows the user to change the blades without using a tool.
  • When it comes to handling, this product comes with both centered handle and auxiliary handles for enhanced handling and control.

Disadvantages of DeWalt DCS371B 20V MAX Portable Band Saw –

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of DeWalt DCS371B portable metal bandsaw is that it does not have any feature to control the speed. When cutting different materials, variable speed could come very handy. This product lack such a feature. 

Things you need to know about a Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Portable Band Saw –

The brand Milwaukee is 100-year old and it is one of the top brands that manufactures and markets, top-rated power tools today. Milwaukee 6232-21 is one of the top-rated portable metal bandsaws available on the market today with good features and quality.

Several features make this portable bandsaw unique and better preferred. If you are looking for a portable bandsaw that could cut through dense and thick wood and metal with ease, this product is the right option. This portable metal bandsaw comes made with high-quality metal, which not only makes it sturdy, stable, and durable. But also, very best for cutting thick metals and other materials. This model comes in an ergonomic design; the handles incorporated has excellent grips placed on it. One of the best things about this product is that the manufacturer offers a 5-year replacement guarantee on this product.

Construction –

This portable metal bandsaw comes with an overall weight of 14-lbs, which is comparatively higher than DeWalt DCS371B. Even if the weight of this power tool is slightly high, the construction is very strong, this sturdy and durable construction makes it suitable for cutting through metal. This tough construction also increases the life of gears and blade guidance system. Our expert reviewers have mentioned that this product is designed to withstand the worse condition without taking any damages to motor or blades. The motor housing in this product is so slim so that the user could view the blade without any obstruction.

Cutting capacity –

When it comes to cutting capacity, this product is better than DeWalt as it comes designed to cut through 5-inch metal with ease. However, the cutting speed is comparatively lower than that of DeWalt, but, this reduces the heat produced during the cutting.

Speed –

Unlike the DeWalt DCS371B, this portable metal bandsaw comes with a variable speed option, which makes it compatible to cut different types of materials. The maximum speed that this product could deliver is 380 FPM, which is comparatively low. But, this drawback is accommodated/balanced with much higher power delivery. Which makes this portable metal bandsaw more efficient.

Type of blade –

This product does not come with a blade incorporated, the user will have to purchase a blade separately. The compatible blade size if 44-7/8, which is comparatively larger than the ones in DeWalt DCS371B. We recommend that you purchase a heavy-duty metal cutting blade instead of foldable ones. Like the DeWalt model, this product also comes with a tool-less blade change feature.

Extra features –

When it comes to extra features, the only one we could find in this portable metal bandsaw is the LED work light, which illuminates the workspace for better visibility.

Advantages of Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Portable Band Saw –

  • This portable metal bandsaw has a majority of its body made of metal, which makes it durable, and, at the same time, sturdy.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this power tool is that it could cut through a 5-inch thick metal with ease.
  • The entire product comes in an ergonomic design and the handles are incorporated with grip for better handling and control.
  • The motor housing is so thin that the user could view the cutting blade without any obstruction.
  • The entire product is designed to withstand very harsh conditions without taking any damages.
  • The blades could be changed without using a tool
  • This product comes with a variable speed option, making it compatible with cutting different types of materials.

Disadvantages of Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Portable Band Saw –

  • The weight of this product is comparatively high, so a user cannot use the product for a long time.
  • This product is corded, so there will always be an annoying power cord around always.
  • Since this product is corded, this product cannot be used at places where there is no access to a power socket.

Milwaukee v/s DeWalt metal bandsaw, which is better?

Answering this question is a challenge, without knowing the customer’s or user’s requirement. It is impossible to answer this question. However, we will recommend the best based on a specific scenario. 

If the user wants a portable bandsaw for the simple cutting process and not for cutting thick or dense metal or wood, then DeWalt DCS371B is the best. On the other hand, if you are a professional and if you need a heavy-duty portable bandsaw that could cut through thick and dense metal, then, Milwaukee 6232-21 is the best option for you. Apart from all these, you should understand that DeWalt DCS371B is a cordless portable metal bandsaw and Milwaukee 6232-21 is a corded portable deep metal bandsaw.

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Bottom line –

The best metal bandsaw should offer maximum accuracy and precision, when it comes to DeWalt and Milwaukee metal bandsaws listed above, they both offer the same accuracy. However, the cutting capacity, power source, and blade size if different. Based on your requirement, select a suitable power tool from them.