Power Tools

Power tools are simply, tools driven by power. Most power tools usually use electricity, but may also be driven by compressed air. Examples of power tools are impact drivers, grinders and drills.

Plunge Saw vs Circular Saw cover image

Plunge Saw vs Circular Saw: Which One Should I Choose?

Are you in the market for a saw that can help you easily cut through wood and other materials? And trying to chose between a Plunge Saw vs Circular Saw? With so many options available, it can be challenging to know which one is right for…
Poulan Pro Chainsaw Front view 42cc Cover image

Poulan Pro Chainsaw 42cc – Expert Review

Whenever you need a robust and reliable chainsaw to take care of projects around the house, look no further than the Poulan Pro Chainsaw 42cc unit. The Poulan Pro chainsaw brand has a reputation as a high-quality and durable chainsaw manufacturer.…

Which Craftsman Pole Saw is the best in 2023? Top 3 Reviewed

might just be the perfect sidekick! And if you're on the hunt for a top-quality tool that can safely help you trim those branches, Craftsman pole saws are definitely worth considering. But with so many different models out there, finding…
best grizzly table saw cover image

Which Grizzly Table Saw to pick? Expert Buying guide 2023

You may have noticed that there are different types of table saws available in the market, including the popular Grizzly table saws. Just like any other product, table saws come in various types such as general, hybrid, or benchtop, and the…
Makita Pole Saw cover image

Which Makita Pole Saw is the Best in 2023? Expert Review

To maintain the health and appearance of trees, it is crucial to occasionally prune dense and dead branches. For such tasks, a pole saw can be the ideal tool. A pole saw is a chainsaw mounted on a pole, which enables you to cut branches from…
Makita Battery Chainsaw Cover Image

Which Makita Battery Chainsaw is the best in 2023?

Chainsaws can come in different forms it could be gasoline, electric, or battery-powered. Out of all, Makita Battery Chainsaw range has definitely taken the market by a storm. Modern chainsaws have replaced batteries with gasoline which is more…
Wood Mizer LT40 Sawmill Review Cover Imange

Wood Mizer LT40 Sawmills : Expert Reviewed

Wood-Mizer is the world's leader in producing quality wood sawmills. The company started its operations in 1982 and has never looked back. Today, they are known for producing quality wood sawmills to meet the needs of hobbyists and professionals.…

How to Make a Cabinet Door WITHOUT a Table Saw [4 Methods]

Table saws are an essential tool for many woodworking projects, but what if you don't have one? Is it possible to make a cabinet door without a table saw? The answer is yes! While a table saw can certainly make the job easier, there are other…
table saw blade cover image

Which Table Saw Blade to Use? – Everything You Need to Know

When I first started looking for my first Table Saw Blades, it felt like looking for a needle in a hay stack. I felt like everyone had a secret that I didn't know about, and it didn't take long before I figured out that pretty much everyone…
Stihl tree trimmer cover image
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What’s the Best STIHL Tree Trimmer 2023? [Top 7 Reviewed]

Best Overall Value STIHL HT134 Guide Bar Length: 14"  4/5 CHECK LATEST PRICE Lightest Machine STIHL HTA 66 Powerhead : 7.3 lbs  3.4/5 CHECK LATEST PRICE Most Fuel Capacity STIHL HT134 Fuel…
Top 3 Best Benchtop Bandsaw
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Best Benchtop Band Saw – Top 3 Picks Of 2023

If you are looking for a versatile product for cutting various materials, then probably Band saw is an incredible option. But, on the other hand, Band saw will help you in distinct ways if you are a serious woodworker.  The application…
10 Best Chop Saw 2020 - Expert Review & Guide
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9 Best Chop Saw 2023 – For Steel, Aluminum, Metal & Wood Cutting

  If you often work with metal, you might need a saw that can cut through the metal. One such saw that can be used for cutting metal bars and other similar things is a chop saw. They are very powerful, and they use a drop-down blade assembly…