WORX WX531L Brushless Cordless Circular Saw
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What’s the Best Cordless Circular Saw in 2024?

  Cordless technology has evolved a long way, and today, it is very popular. The operating time of the cordless tools has increased drastically. Batteries are also a lot safer than ever. You might have used a circular saw, and the corded…
Top 10 Best Circular Saw Blades 2022
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The Best Circular Saw Blade in 2024? Here’s Our Top 7 Choices

If you're looking for the best circular saw blade for your circular saw you've come to the right place. Because as we know, the performance of your circular saw depends on the blade. Whether cutting a board to size or making a cut in a piece…
Makita DHS680Z Brushless 18 V Li-ion Circular Saw Bare Unit, 165 mm by Makita
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Makita DHS680Z Circular Saw Review

  Being one of the most trusted tool brands in the world, Japan's Makita is liked by many knowledgeable DIYers and professionals around the world. This article aims to review Makita’s one of the best circular saws which is Makita…
Makita 7-14 Circular Saw (5007F) Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons
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Makita 7-1/4 Circular Saw (5007F) Read Before Buying

  One of the reputed names in the power tool industry is that of Makita. The brand has impressive goodwill, and the products from Makita are widely appreciated. The quality, service, and innovation are unmatchable. If you are looking for…
Circular Saw Kit Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

Metabo Circular Saw HPT 7-1/4″ (C7SB3) Read Before Buying

  While looking for a power tool, we are sure that you would stumble upon the options from Metabo. The brand is very reliable, and it has a legacy behind it. Many professionals and DIYers use products from Metabo, and they are often delighted…
Milwaukee 7-14 circular saw (6391-21)
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Milwaukee 7-1/4 circular saw (6391-21) Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

  Circular saws are very important when you are taking up projects. You can use the circular saw to work on the metal as well as wood. There is a variety of material that you can work upon with the help of the circular saw. If you plan…
DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1-4-Inch Circular Saw
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DEWALT 20v Circular Saw (DCS570B) Expert Reviews & Guide

  7-1/4 inches circular saw is one of the most popular sizes in this space, and these tools are very versatile. You can use 7-1/4 inches for many tasks, and it is also a popular choice for construction workers. This sized circular saw…
DEWALT DWE575 7 1 Lightweight Circular
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Dewalt Lightweight 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw DWE575 Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

  Circular saws are required for almost every project, and if you work for long hours, we would recommend opting for a corded saw. While some saws available in the market can be bulky, you will also come across some lightweight options.…
Skill Saw Vs. Circular Saw
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Skill Saw vs Circular Saw: Which Is Better?

If you work in woodworking or other sorts of carpentry & construction for a long enough period of time, you will undoubtedly come across the term skill saw. However, defining exactly whatever the skill saw is might be a bit difficult to…
Milwaukee 2530-20
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Milwaukee M12 Circular Saw (2530-20) Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

  When buying a circular saw, you would want to get 7.5 inches saw, but it may not be helpful when you are doing small projects. For such tasks, 7-1/2 may prove to be bulky and not very accurate. So, what you need with such tasks is a…
Carbide circular saws

How to Use a Circular Saw? – An In-depth Guide for beginners

As the name indicate "Circular", which means round in shape and 'Saw' means a cutting tool. Together Circular Saw means a circular tool that is used for cutting purpose. It is probably more comparable to other tools because of its smooth functioning…
Makita 7-14 Circular Saw (5007MG Magnesium) Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons
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Makita 7-1/4 Circular Saw (5007MG Magnesium) Features, Reviews, Pros & Cons

  Using bulky power tools can be difficult, and it can make your work inaccurate too. When you are looking for a power tool, usually, you would want something durable yet lightweight. The criteria are the same when you are looking for…