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Buy Best Quality Razor Saw 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide

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Razor saws are a type of cutting saws mostly used by people who spend their time making miniature models. These saws also find immense applications when it comes to molding projects and wood art. The dollhouse that you pick for your daughter is intricately crafted with the help of razor saws. For clean cuts in tiny parts of rail tracks in different models, razor saws are the tools that offer high precision cuts to the artists. This way, the entire model comes to have a well-finished and well-designed look.

Best Buy Razor Saw Reviewed For 2022

For any kind of detailed work, these saws with fine teeth in their design prove to help cut a variety of materials, which includes brass, wood, and even plastic. In just a few small strokes, these saws help cut the most minute parts so that you never dislike what you have created. With all of these applications in our mind, we have lined up ten of the most fantastic razor saws today. But before taking a look at each of them let us read the aspects that we kept into consideration while we picked these razor saws. Let us now begin with the discussion of the ten top-rated razor saws – 

#1. ZONA 35-550 Fine Razor Sawamarillo pastel pantone  חנות ריהוט גן געש  fjällräven parkas dam  אופניים עם מנוע עזר חשמלי  حديثى الولادة ملابس مواليد اولاد  שער חשמלי אלומיניום מחיר  surround system ohne subwoofer  suport telefon auto allview  ecco terracruise low 44  דיו למדפסת בזול  tommy hilfiger black leather boots  trendyol hm tişört  camisa social manga curta шампоан eprouvage gentle volume  pantacourt homme levis  


ZONA 35-550 Fine Razor Saw

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With an overall blade length of 6.5 inches, the ZONA 35-550 Fine Razor Saw is one of the few Razor Saws frequently suggested by experts in woodworking. Other than woodworking, this razor saw also has immense applications in modelmaking. So if you are stressed about your dollhouse making projects, this is the tool that will help you finish it without jeopardizing the intricate detailing that is required and is always the need of the hour. The blade’s weight is so less that you will never cause strain to your wrist or arm while using it. People generally invest in this razor saw when they want to make cuts in balsa. But with this, you can also produce smooth cuts in other materials like brass, copper, and plastic. It is equipped with an ergonomic and tight-fitting handle, which won’t let the saw fall from your hands even when your palms are sweaty. Predominantly this saw is used for crosscutting. However, you can also make rip cuts with it. The thickness of its blade is 0.01 inch. With this, you can imagine how excellent the cutting will be with this razor saw.


  • For small projects, this razor saw is simply the best.
  • This razor saw can be used on different materials such as wood, brass, copper, and even plastic.
  • You don’t have to use huge force while cutting with this saw.


  • We do not have any cons of the Zona Fine Razor Saw till now.

#2. Xacto Precision Razor Saw Set


Xacto Precision Razor Saw Set

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This superb product is called a set because you will receive two types of blades in the package. Both of these blades can be separately attached on the handle to serve the purpose that they are meant for. the manufacturers had only a single motive while building this setup. The cause was to make razor blades that allow you to finish the entire projects without reaching out for other blades. This is why you will find that one of the blades will help you make more elegant cuts while the other is supposed to cut broader ends and parts of the material. The set will help you do a perfect cutting job in various materials such as wood, plastic, and even some types of metals. The length of both the blades is almost 4 ½ inches. They vary in their width, which is rated at ¾ inch and 1 inch, respectively. From the difference in the width, you will quickly realize the type of blade that you must fit in the handle. For extreme and minute sawing of models, this is the razor saw set that will help you in immense ways. Many people have loved how it helps in cutting rail-road tracks. You must give this set a try now!


  • You will get two different blades in the package. 
  • Both of the blades are quite sharp but are meant for different cutting purposes. 
  • The handle of the saw is heavy-duty and can be used for fitting both the types of blades in it.


  • There are no cons of this set that we came along till now.

#3. Gyokucho Double Edge Razor Saw for Flush Cutting


Gyokucho Double Edge Razor Saw for Flush Cutting

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For flush cutting, artisans often need a double edge razor saw. It helps then in cutting protruding ends of the material efficiently and quickly. Hence, we are no here with the razor saw by Gyokucho. This saw has a wooden handle where the blade is securely fixed with double bolting. If you use the saw correctly, the blade will never disappoint you. The overall length of the saw is 10 ½ inches, while the blade’s length is 5 inches. You can use both the edges for different types of woods. Generally, the edge with 32 crosscut teeth/inch is used for crafting hardwoods while the other edge having 21 crosscut teeth/inch can be skillfully utilized on softwoods. The blade of this saw is extremely thin and highly flexible. With this, you will be able to cut even the hard-to-reach places very easily in your projects. Many people have invested in this razor saw because it can be used for cutting both hardwoods and softwoods. Additionally, the maneuverability and versatility of this razor so are also rated highly by many experts. 


  • This razor so is double-edged, which means both of its edges can be used for cutting.
  • With a different number of cross-teeth per inch on each edge, you can use the saw on both hardwoods and softwoods.
  • The blade is thin and flexible with extremely high maneuverability.


  • You have to be extremely cautious with this razor saw as it is double-edged.

#4. Excel Blades Razor Saw Blade Kit


Excel Blades Razor Saw Blade Kit

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In this superb and universal razor saw kit, you will receive a heavy-duty K5 handle, a razor saw blade and a miter box kit. The length of the box is 6 inches. With a professional tool quality, this box is ideal for woodworkers and hobbyists who devote a lot of time in their model-making projects. This indispensable tool is crafted using steel and aluminum to offer strength and durability at all times. This will also allow the tool to remain a mainstay at your workplace, no matter which project you are supposed to work on. The miter box has two slots wherein you can start cutting the material in two angles, namely, 90 degrees and 45 degrees. People these days have started investing a lot of time in building miniature objects. For such ventures, this kit will help you in the utmost ways. Even if you use the saw heavily, and for extended periods, the tool’s premium performance will never go down. The blade locks in the handle very well and can be used to cut materials like wood, metal, and plastic. You can rely on this kit for framing projects in your house as well.


  • The miter box can be used to cut materials from two different angles.
  • You can use this kit for DIY molding and framing projects other than modeling work. 
  • You can also use this kit for resin model projects.


  • The blade can sometimes wander during cutting.

#5. Plum Garden DIY Razor Saw Set


Plum Garden DIY Razor Saw Set

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We now have another razor saw set for those currently looking for tools that help in model crafting. The best thing about this razor saw set is that you will get three types of blades that can fit in a single long handle in the package. Since the handle is long, you will comfortably hold it like a pen and have better control while you give shape to the material you want to work on. All three blades are of different shapes and hence help in crafting different types of materials. The handle of the set is equipped with the reinforced set screw, which helps keep it stable at all times. You can use the set to trim, carve, cut, and even for different deburring materials. This way, you will be able to work on various projects even when you have incorporated different things. The handle is anti-skid, which means that even if your hands feel slippery, the saw still won’t fall from your hands. The replacement of the blades on the handle is also straightforward as you just have to loosen the clamp and then place the new blade. Once you are done with the placement, all you have to do is rotate the end grip for locking the clamp.


  • You will get three different blades in this set. 
  • You can cut different soft materials using the three blades. 
  • The handle is long and hence can be held in a very stable manner.


  • You cannot saw tough metal parts with this saw.

#6. GYOKOCHU Razor Saw for Hardwoods

https://www.amazon.com/Ryoba-Double-Razor-Hardwoods-Woodworker/dp/B00BSQU9UQ/ref=as_li_ss_tl?dchild=1&keywords=razor saw&qid=1595235234&sr=8-12&linkCode=sl1&tag=sawtoolsguide17-20&linkId=c41ad4375c3f51fba95bbfbe4afa4a9b&language=en_US

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With the teeth pitch of 1.7 mm, the Gyokochu Razor saw with the double-edged design will allow you to craft hardwoods very easily. Its teeth are so impulsively hardened that they can withstand extreme wear and tear very easily. This is why you can easily use this razor saw on metals like brass and copper. Many artisans also use the blade to cut a wide range of joints that they often encounter while making miniature wood art and models. As soon as you hold it, you will realize that it is a modern version of the pull-stroke saw that many Japanese traditionally use. Additionally, this saw is skillfully crafted in Japan, so you can guess how amazing its quality and build would be. If we speak about the handle of this razor, saw we would like to comment that it is easy to grab because of its soft and ergonomic design. The stretch and accuracy that this razor saw offers are quite exceptional, and you can also find its applications in model making done with the help of resins. This is the saw that will help bring out the artisan inside you and yet work with the utmost accuracy.


  • This is the best razor saw that you could find for working on hardwoods.
  • It is the modern version of the pull-stroke saw that many Japanese had been traditionally using.
  • It only weighs 7.7 ounces and is hence easy to maneuver. 


  • This razor saw does not work that well on softwoods.

#7. ZONA Deluxe Razor Saw

ZONA Deluxe Razor Saw

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When a razor saw comes with a miter box, the deal becomes even more amazing. This is because the miter box helps a lot by working as an aid when cutting minute ends and small material. The box also helps you in cutting straight lines. Often when you are beginning to do miniature projects, it is very challenging to cut the material in a straight fashion. This is why when you fit them together; they do not fit well. The ill and non-straight cuts are why the finished look of the project does not come out to be that clean. However, with this set by ZONA, errors like that have no place. The blade fits well in the miter box’s slots and won’t wobble as you move it along the material kept in the box. We would also comment that this box is made from aluminum, which is very light yet highly durable. Additionally, the kerf saw in the deal comes with 24 teeth per inch and can be used for cutting hardwoods and softwoods. However, the width of the material that you are cutting must have a thickness lesser than 7/8 of an inch.  


  • The miter box can be used to make straight and angled cuts on different materials. 
  • Thin Kerf Blade Saw has the TPI of 24 and always cuts very accurately. 
  • The ratings of this razor saw set is also high.


The set won’t be good for molding projects as it is not that big.

#8. ZONA Deluxe Oslon Razor Saw 35-560

ZONA Deluxe Oslon Razor Saw 35-560

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With a TPI of 24, this is the razor saw that would help you make smoother and clean cuts in different varieties of softwoods. What we appreciate the most about this saw is it’s well designed and shaped handle which won’t fall or slip from your hold at all. This handle is also more substantial compared to the handles of most of the razor saw handles that you would find locally near you. The product is built in the United States and has the best quality that an artist can imagine. You will also like that this razor saw has also been featured in many magazines as a popular razor saw used in woodworking. It is also highly praised for its excellent price and clean finish. You can also use it in cutting dowels very easily. Ripping of wedges before fixing them in all kinds of joints is also made easy with the applications of this superb razor saw. The back brace holds the blade very securely and allows you to finish your tasks quickly.


  • The sharpness of the blade remains as it is even after extended uses. 
  • You can sharpen it with a knife sharpener to achieve more sharpness. 
  • It is an excellent razor saw for making dovetail cuts.


  • You won’t find a lot of reviews of this razor saw online.

#9. Excel Blades Razor Saw Set

Excel Blades Razor Saw Set

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In this superb razor saw set by Excel Blades, you will get a blade and its handle. Both of the pieces are supposed to be attached so that you can use them in your projects. For having advanced safety, you will also get a safety cap in the deal. Many manufacturers do not include the pieces like a safety cap in the deal. Due to this reason, you have to pay extra money for your safety. But if you choose this particular set, you won’t have to watch out for such additional expenses. Most of its parts are manufactured using high-grade aluminum material, and the carbon steel blade is also double honed. This carbon steel blade’s quality is genuinely unmatched and will allow you to make precise cuts in many materials quickly. You can also use it for removing extra resin that gets deposited while you choose to work on your resin projects. With a rigorous rook and overall stiffness, the saw will also allow you to make all types of cuts no matter their angle.


  • The handle of this razor saw is very tough and ergonomically designed. 
  • You will also get a safety cap that you do not receive in most razor saw deals.
  • Only the best quality aluminum is used in creating this product.


  • This razor saw won’t work that well on thicker metal parts.

#10. ZONA 35-050 Razor Saw

Zona 35-050 Ultra Thin Razor Saw

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To cut up hardwoods and metal parts, you might want to invest in razor saws with high TPI. If looking up for such razor saws is coming out to be challenging for you, then we have the ZONA 35-050 Razor Saw. As per its best feature is concerned, we will have to say that its TPI is rated at 52. With such high TPI, you will be able to glide it on most hardwoods and metal parts like copper. The blade length of the product is 4.5 inch which is sufficient for miniature and other projects. ZONA has devoted the skills of a lot of their workers in creating the best razor saws. This is why you will find most of their razor saws having a place on our list. Many of their customers are so supportive and like their products so much that they claim to have used them for more than 50 years. That is a massive achievement for a company and should be appreciated. From such dedication, you can also know how amazing their tools would be. With an ultra-thin blade, the 35-050 razor saw will prove to the tool that you’ve always needed. 


  • The design of this razor saw is simple yet exceptionally functional. 
  • The blade is made thinner for finer cuts in different materials. 
  • The TPI of this razor saw is rated quite high.


  • This razor saw won’t cut that well when used with a miter box.

How To Choose The Best Razor Saw

Consider the following points before you head out to buy a razor saw – 

Tooth Geometry

The razor saw that you pick must have a tooth geometry that responds well to the material that you work with. We have seen many artisans who generally pick hardwoods and softwoods for their miniature modeling projects. For hardwoods picking up a razor saw with 35 Teeth per Inch (TPI) will prove to be exceptionally beneficial. On the other hand, picking a razor blade with a TPI near 25 will help you make smooth cuts in materials like softwoods and resins. You can also look for the tooth pitch other than the tooth geometry in the razor saw.

Blade Thickness

In general, razor saws with thicker blades allow you to have better stiffness while moving them across. This helps in enhancing your performance and precision in your work. But when you want to work on miniature projects, you might want to have a more flexible blade as such blades allow you to make thinner cuts. With a proper balance between the blade’s thickness and flexibility, you will always be able to pick a razor saw that would suit best to your work.

Good Grip

For having a good grip while you work with your razor saw, you must look at the design, shape, and material used in creating its handle. Generally, you must go for a razor saw that comes with an anti-skid handle. Sometimes when you work for long hours in a project, you will tend to sweat from your palms. As you lose the grip from the razor, you will be prone to making errors. And in miniature projects, even a small mistake can make you pay a considerable price. Choosing a razor saw with an ergonomic handle will help in immense ways to avoid these types of errors.

Miter Box

As you keep working, you will hone your cutting skills by varying and huge degrees. However, it will be quite hard for you to control the blade and make smoother and straighter cuts in the material in the starting stages. In such cases, a miter box will help a lot. This box has slots where you can move the blade from. In between these slots, you can carefully place the material and cut it at any angle that you want. A miter box is generally made available in many deals when it comes to razor saws, so if you see one in the set that you like, don’t refrain from picking it as it will help you develop your projects with high precision. 

Razor Saw Safety Tips and Guidelines

Improper use of razor saw can cause serious cuts and injuries. However, it is important to follow some safety tips and guidelines before carrying a razor saw in your hand. Here are some safety tips to help prevent serious injuries:

Safety Tips

  1. Firstly, be sure for which task you need a razor saw.
  2. Collect another sharp cutting tool, a razor saw as an optional tool for your cutting task. Generally, a specific tool is made for a limited task. In a case, if a proper tool is not available at that moment, consider using a similar tool in the immediate work area for a similar task.
  3. After every use, keepit in a secure place where no one can reach it easily.
  4. Put the object in a workspace without harming your hands. You should use a designated cutting mat, flat table for frequent cutting tasks.
  5. Never leave saw on tables or benchtops.
  6. Hold the tool with the handle tightly. Sometimes, working with looser hands can cause serious issues like cuts, wounds, and injuries.
  7. Do not carry a saw while carrying other harmful and sharp objects.
  8. Do not store broken, rusty and dull razor saw, place them in a puncture-resistant container.
  9. Do not focus on a task while you focusing on something else.


Here are some major guidelines that you must consider:

  1. Make sure that the blade is in place and functioning adequately.
  2. Before operating or cleaning the saw, read the safety instructions carefully given by the manufacturer’s instruction manual.
  3. If any kind of damage can be found in the saw, tell your supervisor or expert. Immediately replace your product to prevent injuries.
  4. Make sure razor blades are sharp and placed in the proper direction.
  5. Keep your eye on the object when you are cutting and make sure hands are away from the edges of the cutting blade.
  6. Use safety tips before disassembling and cleaning.
  7. Remove gloves and jewelry; cover your tie and hair, if there are any moving parts, All of these items can easily get caught in the blades when you move.
  8. Do not try to reach into the object when your fingers are connecting to the saw.
  9. Keep the work area clean of dust, wastage, and debris.
  10. Do not avoid any safety device or any guards, tips, gloves which can be used for handling.

Factors Used In lining Up The Razor Saws That We Picked

1. Brand: The first aspect that we decided to craft this list was the razor saws brand. When you visit your local hardware store, you will notice many brands that manufacture razor saws and stick to launching new models frequently. However, we decided only to pick the best of the best as we only wanted to introduce razor saws that will prove to be reliable for extended periods. All the brands that we selected have a high brand value, and you can also look up for them online very quickly. 

2. Accessibility: Many people look up for razor saws that they can use for their molding projects. Such razor saws are occasionally bigger. However, other people choose such saws to use them in their small projects. Hence, we wanted our list to be highly accessible for all types of audiences. We know that different people have different needs and requirements in their workplace. Creating a list that proves to be accessible for everyone was also one of our top priorities. 

3. Quality and Ease of Use: No one wants to have razor saws that give up only after a few times of their usage. Thus, we also decided only to pick the saws that come with highly durable blades and handles. All of our picks work well in the projects that they are intended to be used in. You are also not required to have professional skills and experience to have your hands on them and give a proper try. The only condition that we put forth is that you must choose the razor saw according to the service you want from it

Razor Saw Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to sharpen the razor saw tooth?

No, razor saw tooth cannot be sharpened,  no matter what type of razor saw it is. It is not possible to sharpen the tooth. If the tooth of the razor saw becomes inefficient in any way, replacing the tooth is only the way to do it.

Are razor saws flexible? I recently bought one, it bends and flexes when a small tension is applied, is it natural?

Most of the razor saws available on the market are not flexible, they are thick and do not bend under tension. However, some small razor saws bend and flex, under tension. It is a natural property, however, the purpose of such razor saws would be entirely different from the thick sturdy razor saws.

Is razor saw and backsaw the same type?

Yes, a razor saw is the smallest backsaw that comes with finely-pitched crosscut teeth. Razor saws are commonly used for making fine cuts on metal and soft metals.

All the razor saw comes with an option to replace the blade?

No, all the razor saws are not the same. Some of the razors saw come with permanent blades and some come with the option to replace and switch different blades. So, if you are planning to use a razor saw for a different purpose and not for a single function, then remember to check the specifications and purchase a saw with an option to load different blades.

When does a razor saw cut, push, or pull?

It depends on the type of razor saw that you purchase. Read the features and specifications of the razor saw carefully and you could find out. On the other hand, commonly, half of the razor saws come with straight teeth, which makes it adequate to be used in either direction.

A razor saw could be used to make cuts on plastic and metals?

As far as we know, most razor saws are designed in such a way that it could cut both metal and plastic with ease. However, there is some specialized type of razor saws that are designed specifically for each type of material. If you have any specific needs, consider purchasing such razor saws.

There are razor saws with wooden handles and plastic handles, I am confused about which type of razor saw to purchase?

Yes, razor saws with wooden handles and plastic handles are available on the market. However, both plastic and wooden handles have their own pros and cons. But, if you want our recommendation, we would recommend that you consider purchasing razor saws with a wooden handle as they offer a more traditional feeling and more grip. On the other hand, razor saws with plastic handles are cheaper than razor saws with wood handles.

Are double edge razor saw better than single edge?

There is no proof that a double edge razor saw is better than a single edge razor saw. However, most experts and DIY hobbyists have reviewed them to offer a slightly better benefit over single edge razor saws. On the other hand, double edge razor saws could make work easier and prove more efficient in works that demand double edge cutting.

Is a razor saw an alternative to a coping saw?

No, a razor saw cannot be used as an alternative to a coping saw. While coping saws have narrow blades, they are indented to make precise curved cuts. But, razor saws cannot be used for making curved cuts, it could be used only to make precise straight cuts. If you want to make curved cuts, you should not purchase razor saws.


We have put forth ten of the most fantastic razor saws for you on our list. All of them are intended to be used in different types of projects and materials. Therefore you are supposed to read about their features and specifications very carefully. Once you are done noting such details, you can also look for the pros and cons of the razor saw of your choice. You can use these saws in many fields, and if you make the right choice, you will find how these saws will last a very long time with you. We hope we helped you in purchasing a good razor saw. For More Saw Visit Links Below:

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