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Which RYOBI Table Saw is the Best in 2023?

RYOBI is among the top brands for power tools and leads the way in terms of quality and quality. In this article, we are going to review what the best RYOBI Table Saw is. RYOBI creates table saws which are perfect for not only professionals but also for DIY enthusiasts. We are going to discuss some of the best Table Saws of the Japanese brand RYOBI and also discuss the things that you consider before buying…

7-inch 4.8 Amp Tabletop Saw

1)  RYOBI 7-inch 4.8 Amp Tabletop Tile Saw

This RYOBI 7-inch Tabletop Tile Saw features portability with its compact size and provides a fast and secure setup. It comes with an amazing cutting capacity and has the ability to rip 20-inch tile and can 13-inch tile diagonally. It also has a tilting stainless-steel table to allow the bevel cuts at 22.5 and 45-degrees angles. For precision cutting, it has a rip guide that locks in place on the front and rear rails.

In addition, its miter guide allows you to perform miter cuts from 0 to 45 degrees efficiently. It includes power induction motors and the water reservoir system. In terms of durability, it contains the stainless-steel table which is also corrosion resistant and has a 1-1/4 inch cutting depth capacity for thick tiles and stepping stones. Also, the anti-slip rubber feet enhance the overall stability. Moreover, it comes with a 7-inch diamond cutting wheel, arbor wrench, wheel wrench, rip guide, and operator’s manual.


  • Lightweight
  • Unique drain system
  • Dual flow adjustment valves
  • Extremely portable


  • Some complaints about the miter gauge
  • Small rip capacity

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RYOBI 15 Amp 10-inch Expanded Capacity Portable Table Saw

2) RYOBI 15 Amp 10-inch Expanded Capacity Portable Table Saw With Rolling Stand

This amazing table saw has an expanded capacity and a rolling stand featuring a 15 Amp motor that provides 5000 RPM to do any task whether it’s a DIY or a professional job. It features integrated storage for accessories and a durable cast aluminum tabletop surface.  The best thing is its folding stand and the integrated wheels that offer ease of use and portability. In addition to that, it has mounting hardware, a 10-inch blade, a rip fence, and a 27-inch Max rip capacity for cutting a wide range of materials. Also, it has an integrated dust chute.


  • Blade guard ensures safe operation
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor for cutting a range of tough materials
  • Folding stand
  • Aluminum and steel construction
  • Has a rolling stand
  • Large ripping capacity


  • Has some plastic parts
  • Not very ideal for small pieces

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RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V Brushless Cordless 8-1:4 inch Compact Portable Jobsite Table Saw (Tool Only)

3) RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V Brushless Cordless 8-1/4 inch Compact Portable Jobsite Table Saw (Tool Only)

This RYOBI table saw has pretty everything you need for your workspace.  The RYOBI 18V ONE+ system has a powerful brushless motor. You can go for this if you already have a few RYOBI batteries lying around. You can get pretty much all the features with additional adjustable for self-aligning material fence. It comes with an 8-1/4-inch table saw, blade guard assembly, push stick, rip fence, miter gauge, blade wrenches, and carbide-tipped blade. And above all, you can get the RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V system of more than 260 cordless tools that all work on the same battery and platform.


  • Onboard storage for included accessories
  • Durable construction
  • Reliable performance
  • Compact design
  • Large power switch
  • Powerful motor
  • Has a rip fence


  • A bit more expensive
  • The miter gauge may not be very secure

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RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V Brushless Cordless 8-1:4 inch Compact Portable Jobsite Saw Kit

4) RYOBI ONE+ HP 18V Brushless Cordless 8-1/4 inch Compact Portable Jobsite Table Saw Kit with (3) 4.0 Ah Batteries and Charger

If you want to enhance the system, you can go for this one, coming with high-performance batteries and charger. Powered with a brushless motor, advanced electronics, and batteries that are capable of delivering corded cutting performance. It provides accurate and controlled cuts with a stunning rip to 240 linear feet per charge while using the 4.0 Ah Batteries. It has a 12-inch rip cut capacity right of place and a 4500 RPM. Its steel frame provides more strength and durability for doing even the toughest jobs. Additionally, it has an adjustable for self-aligning material fence and rack and pinion blade height adjustment for accurate depth control.

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How To Select The Best One For Me?

In order to select the best one for yourself, you should not just go for power and the blade. You should look for the value of the saw as a whole. You have to consider the motor power, cutting capacity, dust collection system, and most importantly the safety features. As a good motor power provides you more blade spins and the experts suggest 15 amps for a 10-inch table saw can be perfect in most cases.  

The RYOBI table saw cutting capacity is the size of the material your saw can work through and the thickness. A dust collection system can help in reducing the mess in your workspace. That’s why it is highly suggested to have models with a dust collection system. And safety features are always important that can assist you in doing things safely. Last but not least go for the table saw that is value for money. You can gauge it by assessing the overall design, versatility, and accessories of the saw.   

Things To Consider Before Buying A Table Saw

If you are looking to buy a RYOBI Table Saw there are some things that you should consider. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Basic Components

There are different but very basic components that are essential when choosing a table saw. First, you can look at the table as it is a crucial component in the table saw if we talk about stability. Consider choosing one that can handle larger boards. Best tables are made of cast iron; however, steel can also be a decent choice. The second basic component is the blade which has a standard size of 10 inches in most table saws.

Also, with the blade make sure to check out the blade cover because it is important to protect you from flying sawdust and debris, and also provide some protection to the hands. Another important component that you should not miss is the bevel gauge which is a tilt adjustment to the saw blade for making bevel cuts. In addition, consider the miter gauge and rip fence which are good for making miter cuts and keeping the board moving in a perfectly straight line.


The motor is the most important component in table saws which are basically of two types. It includes induction motors and universal motors. The portable table saws have a universal motor in general that provides a lot of power and on the other hand, the induction motors are connected to a belt that transfers power to the blade. The universal motors are generally louder than the induction motors.


There are two basic types of table saws which include portable and stationary. Well, you can choose the type of table saw according to your requirements. For example, if you are looking for DIY use or light use you can go for benchtop table saws and if you are a professional you can go for stationary contractor, tabletop, and job site table saws.




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