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Sabre Saw vs Jigsaw: Which One Is Better? 

Saws are available in many types that anyone can get confused while choosing a specific saw for their work. When you have to make a certain type of cut, you can find more than one saw in that same category. In that situation, you can’t decide which saw will work for you. You can experience this similar situation while deciding whether sabre saw or jigsaw is ideal for your application. Also, these two saws belong to the same category, and people often name them incorrectly. However, you can choose the right saw out of these two according to your application. 

The Major Difference Between a Jigsaw and a Sabre Saw

At the moment, the difference between Jigsaw and a Sabre Saw has narrowed down because of the new tools available on the market. You should note that the handheld saw with a short reciprocating blade on one side can be referred to as a Sabre Saw or a Jigsaw. It is up to the manufacturer to call it a Jigsaw or a Sabre Saw. The two saws belong to the same family. The only difference that we can tell you is that the jigsaw has a better accuracy while the sabre saw has a better power delivery. These saws can cut in the reciprocating motion, and the blade cuts in the back and forth motion. Another difference that you may notice is in the looks. With advancing technology, this difference is thinning out, and hence you can buy a Jig Saw, or a Sabre Saw depending on your needs. For higher accuracy, opt for a Jig Saw, and higher power, opt for a Sabre Saw.

Sabre Saw Vs. Jigsaw: Which One Is Better? 

Although sabre saw and jigsaw come from the same saw family, they are different in look and their application. Here are the differences between sabre saws and jigsaws to help you in choosing the right saw for you. 

What Are Sabre Saws? 

Sabre saw is one type of reciprocating saw and usually larger than a jigsaw. It contains a motor to achieve the reciprocating motion. These saws use a similar blade that is used in a jigsaw, but it is powerful than a jigsaw. These saws are mostly used where high force is required for cutting the material. Sabre saws don’t need a table like jigsaws for operating. It can be operated by hand without a table. Also, these saws are available in both corded and cordless forms for better user experience. Usually, many people use sabre saws for making faster inaccurate cuts in construction works. This saw is well-known for making rough cuts. With a sabre saw, you can cut plastic, metal, and wood efficiently. Wherever demolition work is involved, sabre saw is a must-use tool. 

Usually, sabre saws are durable and offer great strength for tougher works. They include similar components like jigsaws and offer quick and efficient performance. Sabre saws come with a powerful motor that powers the blade for making the cuts. The motor of these saws can be powered from a battery or a wall socket. Therefore, you can choose either a corded or cordless sabre saw that is convenient for you. A sabre saw uses a toothed blade for cutting different materials conveniently. 

Because of the no-table design, sabre saws can be used for making corner cuts on a pipe or stud. Moreover, it functions similar to a jigsaw but ideal for rough cutting tasks. Sabre saws cost at a similar price as jigsaws. Therefore, it may be difficult for you to choose a saw if you are going to choose them according to their price.    

Who Should Use A Sabre Saw? 

Sabre saws are a durable and powerful tool for making rough cuts. These are larger than jigsaws and don’t include a table for operation. Therefore, they can be used where the materials have to be torn without accuracy. If you are working on a construction project where you need to do some demolition job, then you can prefer this saw. Moreover, these saws are quicker than jigsaws and offer a lot of vibration. Therefore, you need to handle these saws with extra safety. 

What Are Jigsaws?

Jigsaws are also one type of reciprocating saws that can be found in most workshops. These saws are versatile and widely used for different applications. One can learn how to make different curves using a jigsaw and use it easily. So these saws are also popular among beginners. They are available in both cordless and corded forms, and you can choose either of them according to your application. Also, both cordless and corded jigsaws are compact and convenient to use. Jigsaws can be used for making complex cuts. Also, the premium models of jigsaws may come with additional power to make more complex cuts that are hard to achieve with a sabre saw. 

Unlike sabre saws, jigsaws are popular for making precise cuts on the workpieces. If you need a saw for making circular shapes, then a jigsaw is the right choice for you. Also, these saws are portable and safe to use. They contain a handle on the top to let you hold and guide this saw conveniently. Professional woodworkers use jigsaws to ensure high accuracy in their work. Moreover, these power tools come with a powerful motor that powers it to do the work accurately.  

The motor of the jigsaws can be brushless or brushed depending upon the models you choose. The motor provides sufficient power to the blade of a jigsaw to make the complex cuts with ease. Also, there are different types of blades available for jigsaws for cutting different materials such as metal, wood, plastic, etc. Therefore, you can choose the blade of a jigsaw according to your application. The drawback of jigsaws is they are not as quick as sabre saws. Also, they are not ideal for tougher applications. These saws are not powerful compared with sabre saws and are usually time taking. 

Who Should Use A Jigsaw?

Jigsaws can be used for cutting different materials like sabre saws. They can make curved cuts precisely and are less powerful than sabre saws. Therefore, you can use this saw where you need high accuracy cuts. If you need to make some specific cuts or shapes on your workpieces, then you can use a jigsaw. Another specialty of jigsaws is it can make bevel cuts at a 45-degree angle. So it can be a brilliant choice for those who want to make bevels cuts. If you are looking for a portable saw for making some particular designs, then a jigsaw is the right choice for you. 

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Once you understand the differences between these two tools, you can make the right choice for your application. It can be difficult for any person to decide which saw is better over another. Both sabre saw, and jigsaw comes with some specific features and used for different applications. So you need to understand how they are used and for which application they are ideal. You can consider your project requirements and choose a saw for your application. Also, you need to ensure that you get your desired results whatever saw you choose.

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