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Scroll Saw vs Band Saw: Which One Is Better?

Scroll Saw Vs. Band Saw: Which One Is Better?

We all know that saws are important for woodworking, whatever the type of cut you are going to make. With the right saw, you can do your woodcutting job with no complications. When it comes to choosing, one saw from a scroll saw or a band saw for your job, you may feel a little difficult to pick the right one for your work. As both saws have some similarities, you may make the wrong decision that they are the same. Instead, you can remember that they are similar up to some extent, not the same. There are differences between the scroll saw and band saw and that we are going to talk in this article. 

Scroll Saw Vs. Band Saw

Scroll Saw Vs Band Saw

Usually, you can find both scroll saw and band saw with a work table that serves a lot of purposes. Also, both of them come with a straight blade, which is placed at 90 degrees to the work table. That’s why everybody gets confused between these two saws and can’t decide which one is better for their work. However, here we are going to let you know about both similarities and differences between these two saws so that you can use the right saw according to your needs. 

Scroll Saw – Features & Uses

Scroll saws are power tools that use a vertical blade to make clean and curved cuts. Usually, the blade of scroll saws is thin and around 5 to 6-inch long. They comprise a worktable for placing the workpieces and a column to support the structure. There is an arm parallel to the work table that extends from the top end of the column. Because of this design, scroll saws can be used for making compound cuts conveniently. They also include a foot pedal that makes its operation similar to the sewing machine. There is a knob to let you adjust the speed according to your needs.  Scroll saws usually look like double-ended jigsaws, but the advantage of this saw is it is comfortable to use and offers high precision cuts. The throat size of scroll saws ranges from 12-inch to 30 –inch allows you to cut different sizes of materials with it. But this saw is not ideal for cutting longer workpieces. With a scroll saw, you can cut workpieces with a limited length.

If you feed long pieces of wood to a scroll saw, then it will strike the column at the back. This way, scroll saws stop you from cutting long pieces of wood. As scroll saws have a short blade that is only five to six inches long, it may not be ideal for workpieces more than 2-inch thick. Moreover, you can use 1-inch thick workpieces with a scroll saw for better performance. Also, the blades of scroll saws are available in different types so that you can experience excellent flexibility. The blade of the scroll saw is also easy to change, which is one of the big differences from the band saw. Another unique thing about scroll saws is that they can make inside cuts conveniently. 

Who Should Use A Scroll Saw? 

Scroll saws are elegant power tools and are mostly used for making complex cuts. These tools are ideal for cutting small workpieces precisely. Also, it is safe to use, and anyone can use this saw for making different designs on the workpieces. Moreover, scroll saws are ideal for ornamental works. With a scroll saw, you can achieve jigsaw puzzles, curved cuts, wooden letters, etc. Therefore, if you want to make complex cuts on small workpieces, then a scroll saw is the right tool for you. Also, you can use this saw for making perfect inside cuts on your workpieces.

Band Saw – Features & Uses

Band saws feature similar structures to scroll saws and are ideal for making irregular, curved, and uniform cuts with ease. They comprise a worktable and a vertical blade that rotates continuously in one direction. There are two large wheels in a band saw those rotate the circular blade band in a single direction. As there is no up and down movement of the blade like a scroll saw, the band saw is noiseless and creates no vibration. The blade of band saws is usually thicker than scroll saws and can cut a variety of materials conveniently. Therefore, these saws are more powerful than scroll saws and can cut thinker pieces of wood with ease. Band saws can also be used for cutting metals by using the right blade. The blade of band saws is more flexible than the scroll saws and can handle thicker materials with ease. As the throat of band saws is determined by the width of the saw, you can cut long pieces of wood with it without any difficulties. Also, there is no column at the back of a band saw like a scroll saw to prevent using longer workpieces. So, with a band saw, you can achieve rip cuts like table saws.

But there is a limit to the thickness in a table saw whereas in a band saw there are no limits. A band saw can cut materials with a thickness that ranges between the worktable to the top of the saw. So band saws are more versatile than scroll saws. With a band saw, you can use blades of different thicknesses to perform a variety of cuts. By using a thin blade in a band saw, you can achieve clear cuts similar to a scroll saw. However, the cuts made with a band saw are not that finish compared to the cuts made with a scroll saw. Band saws are also safe to use and can cut different materials, unlike scroll saws. Moreover, these saws are ideal for handling bigger projects in your workshop. 

Who Should Use A Band Saw? 

Band saws can make only outside cuts on the thicker materials. They can make excellent straight and curved cuts and are usually faster than scroll saws. With a band saw, you can make furniture and perform trimming functions conveniently. Also, by using the right blade, you can cut metal materials with a band saw. So if you need a powerful tool to use in your workshop to perform different cuts, then band saws are a convenient choice for you. As there is virtually no limit to the thickness of the material, band saws are great to deal with metal and wood of different thicknesses. 


Though scroll saws and band saws look similar in design, they have many differences in operation. If you need to select the right saw for your work, then you have to know the differences between these two saws first. Scroll saws are smaller than band saws and can offer clear cuts to your workpieces. These saws are mostly used for decoration purposes and have limits to the thickness and length of the workpieces. But band saws are sturdier and more powerful than scroll saws. With a band saw, you can cut different materials of different thicknesses but can’t achieve the finish like scroll saws. Usually, a band saw has no limit to the length of the workpiece, but the thickness workpiece limits the distance from the work surface to the top of the saw. Therefore, if you want to choose a saw out of these two options, then you have to consider all the above points and decide which saw is ideal for your work.

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