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Scroll Saw Vs. Jigsaw: Which One Is Better?

Scroll saw vs jigsaw: Which One Is Better?


If you are not an experienced worker or a saw user, then you would not have an idea on how to select the best electric saw from the market today. Even people with experience find it difficult to select a suitable electric saw. There are different types of electric saws available on the market today. Each designed to serve the primary function of cutting material. While the design of a saw could differ based on the functionality, it becomes very confusing to select one. 

Scroll saw and jigsaw are two types of electric saws available on the market today, while most people interchange the name commonly, it is very important to understand that both power tools are different. Even though, the functionality of these power tools overlap, both the electric saws are entirely different. A jigsaw and scroll saw could be your first option, if you are looking for an electric saw that could make curved cuts. To select the best suitable electric saw this article and the facts mentioned above would help you.

Scroll Saw Vs Jigsaw: Comparison

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WEN 3921 16†Scroll Saw DEWALT DCS331B
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What is a scroll saw?

Scroll Saw

A scroll saw is an electric saw that comes designed in such a way that it could make intricate curved cuts in wood, plastic, or metal. When compared to other electric saws, a scroll saw cuts material in a delicate way. In other words, while other electric saws create vibration, cracks, and heat while cutting, a scroll saw does not. This type of saw comes with a table or a flat surface on which the material to be cut is placed and the user has to move it based on the user’s requirement and the blades will cut the material. Unlike all the other saws, a scroll saw is not a tool designed for heavy-duty, but for designing purpose. Get to know the product close and you would understand the major difference. One of the best things about a scroll saw is that some of the cuts that it could make cannot be made on a jigsaw or any other power tool. If you are planning to purchase a saw for some delicate cutting purpose, then a scroll saw is the best option for you.

Advantages of a scroll saw

  • Could make very fine cuts – One of the biggest advantages offered by a scroll saw is that it could be used to make very fine cuts. These types of cuts are cannot be made with any other type of power tool. If the user is an expert, he/she could make a 90-degree cut with ease. Apart from all these, a scroll saw could also produce high accuracy wave-like cutting design on thin materials. A scroll saw has therefore been the best companion to most artistic people.
  • Best for creating crafts – The ability of a scroll saw to make super accurate and delicate is well-known to most experts. After the introduction of scroll saws, the effort in making a craft has reduced exponentially, a scroll saw could cut through material with ease and with precision. The functions of a scroll saw are not just limited to simple delicate cutting but, also could help in making complex cuts.
  • Very quiet – When compared to most electric saws or power tools, a scroll saw is very quiet. Yes, it is hard to find a power saw that does not produce noise, but, this one comes designed in such a way that it does not make too much noise. This does not mean it is very quiet, but when compared to all other saws, this one is quiet.
  • Very accurate and precise – Most people who have used the scroll saw for a long time would review the product to be accurate and precise. However, some people might disagree with it. But, as far as we know, a scroll saw is comparatively more precise and accurate. As this type of saw does not vibrate or act like other power tools, the user will find it easy to make precise and accurate cuts on it.
  • Heat and damage done to the material are very low – If you ask us, this feature offered by the scroll saw is most important. There are instances where a power tool has destroyed the material itself due to excessive power, vibration, or speed. When it comes to scroll saw, these issues would not happen. Yes, a scroll saw could cut through material without destroying its natural looks and strength.

Disadvantages of a scroll saw

  • Cannot cut dense or thick material – Yes, indeed, a scroll saw cannot cut dense material. This power tool is not designed for such heavy-duty cutting. While it could make complicated cuts, it cannot cut dense or thick material. Try to cut such material and we guarantee that the blades would break and the motor might burn out.
  • Bulky – Most people who haven’t seen a scroll saw does not know that it is a bulky tool. While the blade and motor are small, the supporting frame and flat surface on which the material is loaded makes it bulky. If you have an assumption that a scroll saw is a hand-held tool, then we ask you to refer the tool on google and see for yourself.
  • Special tool – A scroll saw is not a general tool that could be used to cut any material, but it is a special tool designed for crafts and DIYers. A scroll saw is comparatively expensive than other saws, which makes it a poor choice for general cutting purposes.

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What is a jigsaw?


Unlike scroll saws, a jigsaw is a tool designed to be hand-held and cut wood or other materials. The compatible material could depend on the type of blade and jigsaw model. This jigsaw comes designed in such a way that it has a reciprocating blade that could cut irregular curves in wood or other material. There are jigsaws available on the market that could cut up to 45-degree relative to the normal vertical stroke, which would help to make miter joints. When compared to other saws, controlling a scroll saw is not an easy task, it requires expertise, and if you are not an expert, and if the blade quality is poor. Then there is a higher chance that the blade break during functioning.

Advantages of a jigsaw

  • Versatile – A jigsaw is designed in such a way that it could be used for various cutting purposes. A jog saw could come handy in circumstances where using any other type of power tool is not possible. For example, if the material is fixed somewhere and if it cannot be taken off, a jog saw could help you to cut it with ease.
  • Could cut almost any material – A jigsaw could cut through any material with ease, plastic, metal, PVC, cardboard, and wood. However, if the density of the material is too much, then some models of jigsaw might not be able to cut it, in such circumstances. You should select a jigsaw designed to cut such materials.
  • Portable – While every other type of electric saws derived from a jigsaw is not portable, a jog saw is a portable tool. Most jigsaw models are lightweight that makes it easy to handle.
  • Best for home improvement and workshop use – The versatility and portability of a jigsaw make it best for home improvement and workshop use. While a majority of electric saws are designed for workshop or garage use, a jog saw is best for both workshop and home use.
  • Cordless models available – The general size of a jigsaw is small and therefore, it is open to more advanced. This is one of the main reasons why there are cordless battery powered jigsaws available on the market today. This type of jigsaw could come handy when working at the remote corners without access to a power socket.

Disadvantages of a jigsaw

  • Poor precision – Even if you are using an advanced model of a jigsaw, the precision and accuracy of cutting will not be good. This is due to the overall design of the tool itself. One of the main reasons is because this tool is hand-held and the vibration alone could disrupt accuracy and precision. A jigsaw could never offer a fine and smooth cut.
  • Careless handling could damage the material – Since a jigsaw is a hand-held tool and it has a reciprocating blade if the user handles it carelessly. It could destroy the material and could even lead to accidents.

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Which among scroll and jigsaw is the best?

To be frank, it is impossible to answer this question, the best tool could be decided based only on the user’s requirement. If the user requires a saw to make crafts and make the complex and accurate cut, then a scroll saw is the best. But, on the other hand, if you are just looking for a saw that could perform infinite cutting, then a jigsaw is the best option. However, remember, a scroll saw is an advanced type of jigsaw. At the same time, a good scroll saw would always be expensive than a jigsaw.

Bottom line

The best among scroll and jigsaw would depend entirely on the user’s requirement. It is very important that you read facts mentioned above carefully and purchase a saw based on your requirement.

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