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Man using a Makita Hammer Drill on concrete

Which Makita Hammer Drill Is Best In 2023? [8 Drill Kits Compared]

Are you wondering which Makita hammer drill is the best? Hammer drills are essential tools for DIY and renovations. You can mainly use it for drilling hard materials, such as bricks and wood. Finding the right product can be stressful and time-consuming,…
rotary hammer vs hammer drill cover image

Rotary Hammer Vs Hammer Drill: What’s the Difference?

Driving a screw into concrete or drilling a hole is not a simple task. And when you find yourself needing to do this you might start wondering, "Rotary Hammer Vs Hammer Drill... Which one do I need?" Well, both of the tools are powerful and…
impact drill vs hammer drill cover image cover image

Impact Drill Vs Hammer Drill: Which Is Better?

Impact drill vs hammer drill, a decades long question! If you are confused between the two like I used to. well, the mystery is solved in this article. And yes, they do serve different purposes. A hammer drill can drill into sturdy materials…