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10 Best Tree Saw 2023 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Tree Saw


Pruned plants are highly attractive. Not only that, but it is also healthy for the plants to grow better too. Most of the people these days get into gardening as a part of the house maintaining activities. Also, for a few, it is a good pass time. Oh yes, for a few other people it is a fun-filled act. For any of those people around, a pruning saw might be the best tool you can ever have it in your toolbox. It is one of those essential tools that help you get the job done appropriately too. There are many pruning saw brands available on the market. Not all might suit your requirement. This writes up is to give you that awareness and offer you 10 most interesting and valuable pruning saws that shall be of great use to you. These pruning saws are handpicked and have all the necessary aspects present in it. A pruning saw helps you to remove all the bigger branches easily. As such, using hands to remove them might hurt you or harm the adjacent plants too. Likewise, the smaller plants can also be easily trimmed and pruned to help it grow better. There are many pruning saws available with various benefits. Of course, all of the bottle down to pruning and trimming the plants and trees, but the capacity in which it can perform differs from model to model. There are several factors like ease of usage, blade strength, blade material, and so on. The saws that we have mentioned here are of versatile use.

Best Tree Pruning Saws Reviewed For 2022

All the pruning saws are made of excellent materials and of course, they are durable too. At the same time, we have kept the pricepompons de pelo fofos para pendurar nas mochilas  new nike shoes 2019 self lacing  modern love مترجم الحلقة 2  רצועה suunto  new nike shoes 2019 self lacing  ed9288 adidas  marine stickers for boat  nike עודפים זכרון יעקב  m41 walker bulldog equipment  puma basket trim block  cantinetta vino plastica amazon  dita logo משקפי שמש  stainless steel charcoal bbq grill  laser diodo 808 prezzo amazon  logitech g hub download  factor as one of the aspects of displaying these saws. All the saws are priced reasonably. The benefits of pruning saws are many. It can also cut down branches that are 3 inches in diameter too. These saws also have the advantage of cutting the unwanted branches in minutes. It all depends on what effort you put towards cutting. On the other hand, the pruning saws have such handles that can help you put more effort that does not harm you as well. The push and pull stroke creates a cut, this when enhanced with a proper material it does an accurate job with greater performance. That is the only reason why we suggest you get a pruning saw made from high-quality material. Also, this makes the saw durable and comes with a longer life span. As these pruning saws are for household use, this can also be used while camping, check out for the ones that are easily portable too. 

#1. FLORA GUARD Folding Tree Hand Saw


FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw


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If you are looking at buying a versatile pruning saw, then FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw is the best choice. The benefits begin with the material in which this pruning saw is made. The high tensile stainless steel blade assures strong and accurate cuts every time you use. Also, the teeth are on the optimum level that ensures fast cutting process too. The effort put to cut the woods shall be pretty less. This is attributed to the handle as well. The convenient handle has a fabulous grip that shall not slip either. The 7.7-inch blade along with use-friendly handle makes a good combination. The splendid combo ensures fast cutting and it can help you cut large woods with much ease. FLORA GUARD Folding Hand Saw is named for safety too. The folding saw ensures that you can carry it along in the toolbox. Also, the locking system makes the saw safer as it does not slip from your hand as well. The handle being strong, it can help you cut the woods seamlessly. The ergonomic design and easy to carry features makes it the best purchase as well.


  1. High tensile Stainless Steel Blade
  2. The 7.7-inch blade is optimum to cut large as well as small woods
  3. The triple teeth razor cuts through the wood seamlessly
  4. The handle is firm and durable too


  1. Nothing as of now.

#2. Heavy Duty Tree Pruning Saw


Heavy Duty Pruning Saw 

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The Heavy Duty Pruning Saw is a heavyweight champion. Not on the overall weight but on the materials that it can cut. This saw can easily cut through woods with 8 inches of diameter too. The curved saw makes it more versatile and has the best performance compared to many of the pruning saw. The pruning saw is named for its strangest blade and that shall make sure that it cuts through hardest wood also with relative ease. The teeth of the blade are sharp and strong that facilitates the seamless cutting process. The Tooth per Inch of the blade is worth mentioning here. The 7 TPI makes the product highly commendable. The handle also makes the product very convenient to use.  The pistol styles handle allows you to hold the saw easily. It helps in cutting the wood easily. The ergonomically cushioned handle does not harm your hand as well. The combination of convenient handle and strong blade makes it a complete pruning saw for any gardener. The usage is so versatile that you need not be a professional cutter to handle this. Further, the safety the saw offers makes it the best buy. The name Heavy Duty Pruning Saw says it all. This a saw that can cut through any tough material with ultimate ease. The push-pull strokes shall ensure that you make perfect cuts every time. The movement becomes easy because of the TPI and the size of the teeth. This hand saw is perfect for landscape pruning. 


  1. The TPI being 7 makes it the best pruning saw
  2. The blade is made of high-quality stainless and thus it is strongest
  3. The handle is so convenient to hold too.
  4. The pistol-style handle makes the saw more conducive to use.


  1. Nothing as of now

#3. Silky ZUBAT Arborist Professional Tree Saw


Silky ZUBAT Arborist Professional Hand Saw 

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Silky ZUBAT Arborist is the best pruning saw named for its durability and strength. The blade is made of Japanese steel and that says it all. The complete metal work is done using high-class materials and this saw can last a life long. The 13-inch blade makes the saw so powerful that it can cut through hardwoods with much ease. The push-pull strokes shall get easy as the teeth are set in such a way that it cuts into the wood with ore convenience. The 1.5mm thick blade makes the saw more conducive for gardening. The effort that you need to put is very less. This is because of three factors

  1. The blade length – it is so long 
  2. The blade material – Japanese steel
  3. The blade width – 1.5mm thickness of the blade gets into the wood instantly.

These factors set this Silky ZUBAT Arborist apart from any in the market. The price being on the affordable side, this saw has become an attraction. Oh yes, the design is also elegant. Not only that it helps in cutting the wood with ease but also looks beautiful as you carry. The black shade on the saw also makes it attractive. The tang blade has a comfortable operating weight. This not only makes the job easier but also sets it to be the best portable pruning saw.


  1. Japanese Steel used in the saw makes it strong
  2. The longer blade makes it conducive to cut through harder woods
  3. The sensational handle blends well with the performance of the saw
  4. The 1.5 mm thickness of the blade makes it wonderful to use


  1. Nothing as of now

#4. Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Tree Saw


Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw

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If you are ever wondering that cutting the woods can be so fast and easy. Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw helps you do that. An excellent tool to cut through harder woods with its amazing blade structure. The blade has many advantages due to many of the features. Firstly, the teeth are so sharp and have 3 sided razor-sharp teeth. That means to say, it sets the tone for the faster cutting process. Secondly, the blade is long. Yes, it is 10 inches long and can cut through harder woods. Further, these two features ensure that it can cut woods of 10-inch diameter too. Lastly, the blade has a TPI of 6. That means to say, it cuts faster, smoother and easier. The push-pull stroke makes it easy for any user. For all the blade features that we saw, it cannot work the best unless the handle gives way to that. The good news is, the handle is the best match to the blade’s performance. The fabulous grip the handle offers helps you use the saw with great convenience. The handle takes all the shock that the blade can induce the saw. This is an emphatic reason why you must buy this hand saw. The curved feature helps you cut the woods with much ease. The human effort is largely reduced. Also, the instant cut feature of the blade ensures that you can cut any greenwood with just one chop.


  1. Curved blade makes it more convenient
  2. 10 Inches length of the blade makes the saw cut through harder woods too
  3. The triple razor teeth cut through the wood seamlessly
  4. The firm handle makes the saw the best to use


  1. Nothing as of now

#5. Samurai kiswami Straight  Folding Tree Saw 




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The linear blade of SAMURAI KIWAMI MULTI-PURPOSE STRAIGHT FOLDING SAW makes the product the best in the market. An amazing piece of equipment that offers multiple services in terms of cutting. Of course, very useful for gardening and pruning purposes, this saw has the highest tensile strength in this category. The blade is made of stainless steel and that makes it the best. The non-corrosive material used in the blade makes it live life long. The exceptional comfort offered by the handle makes it the best product too. The handle is ergonomically designed in such a way that it makes the cutting process easy. The safety process is most appreciated in this saw. The lock that the saw has firmly held the blade while you cut. Further, folding becomes easy and you can carry it with ease too. The linear shape of the blade makes the cutting process fast too. The push-pull stroke need not be done with any huge effort. The product shall be the best value add for your toolbox. The lightweight being one of the best features makes it flexible to carry as well. The design and the colour of the handle make it look good as well.


  1. Linear Blade structure
  2. The 3 mm thickness of the blade makes in strong
  3. The high tensile blade is made of stainless steel
  4. You can lock the blade into 2 positions


  1. Nothing as of now

#6. DENKO SEKKA Woodking Tree Saw

DENKO SEKKA Woodking Saw


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The high-quality Japanese carbon steel makes the saw the best in the market. You have many benefits of using this saw. DENKO SEKKA Woodking Saw is a complete saw package. You have blades for several uses. You can prune using a blade and trim using the other. This makes the saw a versatile product. And that too for the price that the hand saw comes with makes it even more attractive. The carbon steel blades are given a complete non-corrosive coat that makes it durable as well. The faster cutting process is the best aspect of this saw. Any of the blade that you use, it ensures that it cuts with greater pace. The handle and the body of the saw make it more convenient for the easy cutting process. This saw is crafted using traditional Japanese techniques. This has been in use for more than 200 years. The techniques employed makes this saw the strongest and the best. The blade angle can easily cut through many tough materials. Ideal for woods that are harder as well. Greenwood shall be cakes cut. The 5-inch blade length is supported by the well-framed grip. The handle comes with a powerful grip that does not slip from your hand as well. An amazing product with high-class reliability.


  1. Japanese Carbon Steel
  2. The saw weighs very less
  3. The saw comes with 2 additional blades 
  4. The safety factors are appreciated


  1. Nothing as of now

#7. TOMORAL Folding Tree SawTOMORAL Folding Saw


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QUICK CUT HARD BLADE-FUJIWARA folding saw is named for its high tensile Carbon steel blade. The 8-inch blade makes it conducive for cutting harder woods too. As such longer blades are known to cut harder materials, this saw is a bit enhanced. It cuts the woods with greater ease. The push-pull stroke is made easy by the non-friction coat applied to the blade. The best part is the quicker sawing technique. It is because of the wonderful handle position as well as the strength of the blade. The linear blade structure and the curved handle design makes the product the best. The blade is completely rust-resistant. The resistance for each push and pull is so low that you will never feel the jerk too. Further, the shock-absorbing handle makes the saw even more attractive. The less hand ache is always assured. The rugged folding saw makes it easy for anyone to use with utmost safety. The teeth structure is so tight and 7 TPI makes it even harder and sharper. The movement of the saw on the wood shall instantly show how soon it can get to the end of it. 


  1. The high tensile carbon steel
  2. The non-friction agent being applied in the blade makes it even convenient to cut
  3. The long handle and blade combination is fabulous
  4. The handle is also comfortable to hold


  1. Nothing as of now

#8. Folding Hand Saw Jhua Tree Saw


Folding Hand Saw Jhua Pruning Saw


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This is a real compact saw with versatile features. Jhua Pruning Saw comes with a 6-inch blade that is highly conducive to cut through shrubs, branches and unwanted woods. The handle is so firm that you can be assured of safety while using this saw. The product is named for no -arm fatigue saw as the effort shall be very less when you use this. Also, the small hard teeth cut through the branches easily. The ergonomically designed handle does not even slip out of your hand. Also, the material is named of high durability.  The collapsing design of the saw not only adds beauty but also adds safety. This saw can be used to cut branches,wood and PVC too. The high tensile blade with a compact handle makes it a good household product. Also, the size is so compact that it comes handy many times. If you are planning to gift your garden with the high profile saw, then that would be this.


  1. The compact design of the saw makes it so convenient to use
  2. High-class stainless steel blade
  3. The product has a wonderful handle that shall not cause any pain
  4. The teeth strength is commendable


  1. Nothing as of now

#9. Folding Hand Wood Saw


Folding Hand Saw Wood 


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This saw is the most solid and high performing saw in the market. The premium materials used in making the saw allows it to work for so long. Many saws in the market may break or bend. This one is made out of the strongest steel that does not even incline to any such disasters. The 8-inch blade makes the saw most convenient to use. The pop button locking mechanism is the best in the saw. It allows you to work with complete freedom. This is a danger-free saw that can be used by anyone. The triple cut razor teeth ensure smooth cutting, while the handle makes it wonderful to hold too. The shock-absorbing high-class materials used make the product the best purchase. 


  1. The product is made of  premium materials
  2. The saw is highly durable
  3. The blade is named for strength and sharpness


  1. Nothing as of now

#10. Craftsman Blade Folding Tree Saw, Black


CRAFTSMAN CMXMCBA2300 10 in. Blade Folding Pruning Saw, Black


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The 10-inch blade does all the trick in this saw. The most comfortable pruning saw in terms of usage and convenience. The blade shall cut through the woods so easily with the high tensile material. The stainless steel blade seamlessly cuts through even the hardest of the woods. Moreover, the product is highly reliable for its sturdy body as well.  The triple ground blade makes it conducive to cutting the branches with the utmost ease. The comfortable handle helps you not to feel the shock even. There is no regret in buying this product as this one is flawless. 


  1. The 10-inch blade is made of high-quality steel
  2. The blade comes with powerful teeth that can easily cut through woods
  3. The easy latch system makes the saw safe to use as well.


  1. Nothing as of now.

How To Choose The Best Pruning Saw

Purchasing a Pruning saw must be mostly a long-term investment. You must purchase the one that best suits your requirement. At the same time, we have the privilege to give you a few tips and factors that you must consider while buying a Pruning Saw. It is highly recommended to check these factors when you are selecting a saw. 

Length of the Blade

This is the first factor you must check. Though buying a 12-inch blade as a pruning saw shall not serve the purpose of making it portable, you must be buying the saw that is of optimum length. It must not be longer, at the same time shorter too. The reason why longer blades are preferred is the push-pull stroke shall be longer and facilitates easy cuts. The longer strokes ensure that your effort is also less. At the same time, shorter blades are inexpensive and can be easily carried. But the effort that you need to put for cutting shall be relatively more. 


As you have selected the optimum length for the blade, the second factor you must look for is the handle. The quality and size are directly proportional to the quality of the cut. If you are looking for greater performance, not only the blade must be the best, the handle must support it too. The handles are made from rubber, plastic, and wood. All these materials are comfortable for many people. But you must select the one that is comfortable for you. Ensure that the handle is long so that it is convenient to cut too.


The teeth on the blade is the most important aspect as that is the one that facilitates the cutting job. There is a primary aspect of the teeth of the blade that needs to be checked. It is called the Tooth Per Inch (TPI). The other aspect about the teeth is its size. It can be of small, medium or large. Of course, there are extra-large teeth too. If you require cutting hardwoods then go for TPI anywhere between 9 and 11. The 8 and below that can help you cut softwoods. At the same time, a TPI of 6 with larger teeth can cut aggressively. 


This is a prime aspect that you must check. It all depends on the quality of the blad as well as the handle. It must be if highest quality to get it to work for a longer time. The tempered steel, as well as Japanese steel, are the best for the blades. The carbon steel is also good, but ensure that it has non-corrosive agents applied so that it does not corrode fast. 


Lastly, this is the factor you must consider if you have to carry it along. There are many lightweight products available that shall help them be portable. There are heavy models too, that can cut well. Pick the one that has an optimum weight that does not compromise the performance.

Pruning Saw Safety Tips and Guidelines

A pruning saw includes pole pruners, hand saws, and folding saws which allow you to improve the health of a tree or shrub. They became dangerous if used incorrectly or carelessly. The below-given safety tips will get you to know how to use a pruning saw safely.

Safety Precautions Tips

  1. You should wear protective clothing to put an extra safety layer between you and the saw blade. The safety clothing includes long sleeves (denim is an even better option), leather gloves, eye protection (safety glasses, safety goggles), and full-length bottom wear.
  2. For head safety, you can use a hard hat. A dropping branch can not only hit your insentient but can cause internal injury in your skull.
  3. Ensure the saw blade is operating smoothly and firmly. It should be sharp and function well. Damage, dull or rough machine can be more hazardous than a sharp one. For the folding hand saw, it is important to have a loosened axis point in it for frequent use.
  4. Stand close to the tree which will be targeted to cut. This position will allow having better control on the saw.
  5. Don’t overreach. When you extended your arms or body at that time you also have as much control and strength but you also create the risk of falling over. To avoid fall overs, you can use stable stools or a ladder.
  6. Keep the saw blade in a proper direction. Make sure all the unnecessary branches are out of the way. Separate the saw blade when you finish the pruning cut.


  1. Hold the branch with a strong and non-cutting hand in the right direction. Make sure it’s not placed too close to where you’re cutting. Improper use of a saw can slice your hands.
  2. Fix the saw teeth on the above of the branch to start the cut, and then slowly pull the blade near you.
  3. Once the blade is firmly settled, you can start cutting carefully and slowly by moving the blade forth and back. Always use full size (in length) blade for maximum cutting efficiency.
  4. Ensure, saw blades are in your control while operating. It’s better to start slowly than to fast the cutting operations. The faster cutting task makes the saw stuck and jump out.
  5. Don’t pull the branch until the task is finished.
  6. Use the three to four cut method for larger branches.

Pruning Saw Frequently Asked Questions

How should I take care of the pruning saw?

Taking care of the pruning saw is not difficult at all. You need to follow the necessary instructions to ensure that you are maintaining the pruning saw properly. The first thing here is to ensure that you keep the saw dry. While it is essential to keep the saw dry, it is equally necessary to ensure that you are lubricating the blade with the paste wax, gun oil, or WD 40. During the storage, the oil would ensure that the blade doesn’t rust. If your saw’s handle is made of wood, it is crucial to ensure that you are oiling the wooden handle. You can take the handle apart and clean the dirt from the handle before you oil it. If you are noticing rust on the blade, you need to remove it with a razor or sandpaper. Oil the blade immediately after removing the rust.

What size should I choose for my pruning saw?

The length of the blade of the pruning saw is very important. You can buy something that comes with a minimum of 6 to 8 inches blades. There are multiple options available with 10-inch blades, and you can use that as well for pruning the branches. If portability is not a concern, then you can even go ahead and buy a pruning saw with a 12-inch blade. While you are looking for the blade’s length, it is also worth looking at the TPI. Anything above 8 is good enough for hardwood, and anything below 8 TPI is good for softwood.

How can I sharpen the pruning saw?

It is somewhat tricky to sharpen the pruning saw when you are doing it for the first time. To start the process, you should have a diamond or a triangular saw. Start the procedure by cleaning the saw blade. Now start filing each tooth bevel. Count your strokes and ensure that the knife is being sharpened during the strokes. If the blade is very dull, then you would need to make a higher number of strokes. Ensure that you are taking care of the factory angles as well. Also, ensure that the teeth are of the same length. You must also straighten the bent teeth and ensure that none of the blades is too long or too short.

Can I use the pruning saw on thick branches?

You can use the pruning saw if the branches are 1.5 inches thicker or more. You can use the pruning saw on relatively thicker branches, but you would not be able to cut very thick branches. You would need to use a chain saw if the branches are thick. It would get very exhausting to prune the thick branches. Moreover, you would need to be conscious if the branch is thick.

How much will the pruning saw cost me?

The decent pruning saws are available for a price of around $20. You will find cheaper options as well, and they are reliable. Depending on the type of saw, length of the blade, and TPI, you will be spending the money. In about $10 to $20, you should be able to find the saw that serves the purpose for you.


The Pruning saw is of great use to a house. Especially if you have a garden. This is versatile equipment that shall allow you to use it anywhere you want. More importantly, it is portable. The foldable saws that you saw are all comfortable to carry. Moreover, the safety factors are to be appreciated too. An amazing tool with compact sizes is a gift to your garden. Go ahead buy the best one for your house.

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