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5 Best Tube Bender Brands to Consider in 2023

A tube bender is ideal if you want to easily bend pipes to precise shapes and angles. They are available in different shapes and sizes and suit different needs. However, finding the one that best matches your needs can take time and effort. If you want to buy one, it’s your lucky day! We identified the 5 best tube benders bend aluminium, brass, and copper pipes.

#1. DURATECH 3-in-1 Tube Bender

DURATECH 3-in-1 Tube Bender

DURATECH 3-in-1 tube bender is a sturdy yet lightweight bender to shape your pipes in three different sizes. It is made using a high-quality aluminium alloy, making it light without compromising toughness. You can easily bend ¼ inch, 5/16 inch and ⅜ inch pipes up to 90 degrees. Lift the shoe handle, insert the tube into the desired size channel, and slowly bring back the shoe handle to bend it to the desired angle.


  • 15.5 oz weight
  • Hand powered tool
  • Made from Aluminum alloy
  • ¼ inch, ⅜ inch and 5/16 inch slots are available
  • Bend pipes to 90 degrees


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Perfect for bending pipe to 90 degrees
  • Aluminium alloys give it toughness and strength


  • Not suitable for pipes outside ¼ inch, ⅜ inch and 5/16 inch in diameter
  • Cannot bend pipes beyond 90 degrees
  • Hand tool

#2. Capri Tools CP21105 Tube Bender

Capri Tools CP21105 Bender

If you are looking for a compact design that can fit any toolbox, consider the CP21105 tube bender by Capri Tools. It’s easy to hold and use as it only weighs 5 oz. Despite being lightweight, the tool is sturdy and can easily bend copper, aluminium and brass brake pipes. Not only this, but the tool can bend three commonly used pipe diameters: ⅛ inch, 3/16 inch and ¼ inch.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Hand powered tool
  • Three pipe slots of ⅛ inch, 3/16 inch and ¼ inch
  • Bend pipes to 120 degrees


  • Compact design and least weight of all tube benders in this article
  • Suitable to bend pipes up to 120 degrees


  • Pipes need to be bent manually
  • Can only bend small tubes
  • Tricky to manage while bending due to the miniature design

#3. CPS BLACKMAX BTB300 Tube Bender (in 7 Sizes)

CPS BLACKMAX BTB300 Tube Bender in 7 Sizes

CPS BLACKMAX BTB300 is the best option if you want a tool to bend pipes of different sizes. In fact, this tool can bend pipes of 7 different diameters, unlike any other bender in this article. It has a ratchet crossbow design that uses an electric motor for bending. However, it’s expensive as it comes with a kit carrying 7 colour-coded mandrels.


  • Ratchet Crossbow design patented by CPS
  • 7 mandrels to bend different diameter tubes (1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8 inches)
  • Electric (Corded) bending tool
  • Bend pipes up to 90 degrees forward and reverse directions
  • Weighs around 9 lb


  • Electric bending tool requires less manual efforts
  • Mandrels and ratchet crossbow designs make it suitable to bend 7 different tube sizes
  • Accurate bending without bulging and other damage to the pipe


  • Heavier than hand tools
  • Needs assembling
  • Only bends up to 90 degrees

#4. OCT 6515 3-in-1 Tube Bender

OCT 6515 3-in-1 Bender

But if you want to bend the pipe to 180 degrees, consider the OTC 6515 tube bender. OTC is a popular tool manufacturing company known for innovative solutions for technicians. With this tool, you can easily bend a ¼ inch 5/16 inch and ⅜ inch pipe. However, one downside of this tool is that it is not powered by an electric motor.


  • 3-in-1 tube bender for soft metal tubes
  • Bends pipe up to 180 degrees
  • Hand tool
  • Weight around 1 lb


  • Can bend pipe up to 180 degrees


  • Heavier than other hand tools
  • Cannot bend pipe other than three fixed-sized pipes

#5. ICOOL 3-in-1 Tube Bender

ICOOL 3-in-1 Tube Bender

Last on our list is the ICOOL 3-in-1 tube bender that can bend copper, brass, aluminium and thin steel pipes up to 180 degrees. Like the OCT 6515, the ICOOL tube bender is suitable for bending ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, ⅜ inch pipes. The tool has an ergonomic design with wide hook grips. Handles are also knurled to ensure a non-slippery grip.


  • Weighs 1.03 lb
  • Made from a machined Aluminium alloy
  • Bends pipe up to 180 degrees
  • ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, ⅜ inch tube slots are available

Pros and Cons

  • Ergonomic design ensures safety while bending tubes
  • Can bend pipes to 180 degrees


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Only suitable for conventional tube sizes

FAQs on Tube Benders

Can I cut pipes with tube bender?

No, unfortunately you can’t cut pipes with these.

What does ORL on tube bender mean?

ORL is for user guidance and helps you bend the tool in your desired direction. Use the R mark to bend the pipe to the right side. Similarly, use the L mark if you bend the tube towards the left side.

Can I make a coil out of it?

Yes, but making a coil from a tube bender is not recommended. But if a tube bender is your only choice, go for a 180-degree one.

Can I mount the ratchet crossbow tube bender on a vice?

You can easily mount tube benders based on ratchet crossbow designs on a vice. This would give you a more stable base to bend tubes.

Can I straighten an already bent pipe with tube benders?

No, tube benders are unsuitable for straightening an already bent tube. A spring tube bender is a better choice for this purpose.


Selecting the best tube bender is vital to achieving the desired result. We are sure that our picks for the best 5 tube benders will get most of your tube bending job done. However, before buying one, you should consider specs, designs, features and bending angle to pick the best option.

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