Wet Saw vs Tile Cutter Saw: Which One Is Better?

Wet Saw vs Tile Cutter Saw: Which one is better?

Whether you are refurbishing the kitchen or are planning to renovate your bathroom, the first thing that you should consider changing is the tiles. Believe us guys, changing just the tiles can help you get a great change in your kitchen or bathroom looks, and you won’t have to make a big investment too. So, if you have budget issues, but still want to get the perfect and noticeable change to your place, we will suggest you trying hands on changing the tiles. 

Changing the tiles and get the perfect look is easy, and if you can opt for doing this in two ways. One of the more common ways is to hire someone to install the tiles. And the other way that most homeowners and DIY enthusiasts often opt for is to install them all by themselves. This way, you won’t only save a lot of money, but you will also get a personal touch in the renovation. So, if you also belong to the second category, then this article can be of great interest to you. 

In this article, we are going to talk and compare the two popular saws used to cut the tiles. By going through the end of the article, you will be able to decide which one of them you should be buying for yourself to get the best results and better value for money. So, be with us until the end and buy the right saw for cutting the tiles with the utmost perfection. 

Wet Saw and Tile Cutter Saw: A Brief Comparison

For comparing the wet saws and tile cutters, we are going to follow a conventional method and will compare them on the factors that most buyers look for while buying the tools for them. We will be comparing the wet saw and tile cutter on four fronts and this will help you buy the most suitable one for your project and budget.


The first thing to consider while purchasing any tool or saw is to have a look at the versatility. By choosing a more versatile and useful tool, you can get a better value for money. By choosing a more versatile tool, you can use it more often and get better results, instead of having a tool that is intended for limited use. 

And when it comes to the versatility or usability, the wet saws serves the buyers as a better choice. Unlike the tile cutters, the wet saws can be used for a variety of other tasks too, They are relatively faster than a traditional tile cutter. So, if you are after usability and searching for a tool that can help you in different ways, a wet saw is the right tool to go with. 


Handling is another important aspect while purchasing any tool. And this implies to the saws too. By having an easy to use and maintain tool you can easily rely on it for a  time without worrying about the performance lag. 

Comparatively, tile cutters are easier to handle and maintain. They are smaller than the normal wet saws and offer better handling and usability if you are using them for smaller projects. Though they are a bit slower than the wet saws, but when talking about usability and handling they are definitely a better choice for the buyers. 

The tile cutters also offer better storage and carrying ease. As they are more compact than the wet saws, they can be carried to the workplace with ease and without worrying about the damage done in transit. 

However, if you are after speed and better accuracy, the wet saws will be a better buy. So, decide based on your needs and you will be able to buy a better handling tool for cutting the tiles. 


Performance is another crucial thing to consider while purchasing a new tile cutting tool. You should consider the performance, usability, and features to get the best tool for self and better value for money. So, performance-wise, the wet saw seems a better buy as they are easier to use and provide faster and more accurate results. Even if you are using them for smaller projects, you can get better performance and better results. So, if you are after a sheer performance and flawless results, you should opt for the wet saw.

Value for money

Value for money plays an important role if you have a limited budget and aren’t too keen to invest money on unnecessary tools for yourself. And when comparing the wet saws and tile cutter for the value they provide, the wet saws are a better choice to make. They are more durable, easier to get used to and offer more accurate results than the tile cutters. Also, they need lesser efforts than the tile cutter. So, if you are looking for a tool that provides you a better value and performance, you should not be looking any further than the wet saws. 

Pros of choosing Wet saw

  • Can easily be worked for different sizes and material of tiles
  • Great for the professionals
  • Amazing accuracy and flawless results

Pros of choosing Tile Cutter

  • Great for the DIYers and homeowners
  • Easier to hold and use
  • Won’t require a heavy investment

Final Verdict: Which one is better?

It depends on the type of projects you are involved in. If you are primarily a DIYer and want to have a tile cutting means for your home and smaller projects, then spending money on the bulky wet saws won’t be a practical buy for you. Though they are much easier and faster to use, but the wet saws are not at all recommended for the homeowners. So, if you are a homeowner and want to have an occasional cuter for cutting the tiles, the tile cutter will be a better buy for you, and in case you are a professional, you should consider buying a more accurate and practical wet saw for yourself.