What is a Chop Saw? Its Uses & Advantages

Chop Saw

If you have never heard the name of the chop saw, then don’t worry. Chop saw is nothing but the miter saw. It is a power tool that is very important in the woodwork industry, and it offers you an accurate crosscut. You can use the chop saw to cut the wooden beams or lumbers at 90 degrees or an angle. There is a motor in the chop saw that powers the blade, and then there is a table attached to the blade assembly. You can keep the material on the table and bring down the blade to get the cut. The advantage of the chop saw is that you can adjust the table, and you can get the cut at an angle.

Chop Saw

The blade in the chop saw is usually designed with stainless steel, and it rotates at a very high RPM. In addition to the wood, you can use the chop saw for cutting the fiber or even the thin sheet metal. Once you align the material, all you need to do is that you need to bring down the handle the cutting process starts. There are multiple types of chop saw available on the market, and you can choose the one according to your need. However, even before you proceed to look at the available options, you should go ahead and check out the advantages and the uses of the chop saw.

Advantages of Chop Saw

Chop Saw is one of the must-have saws in the workshop, and it comes with a lot of added advantages. In this section, we have listed all the advantages associated with the chop saw. You can go through them to understand the benefits, and this will also help you set up a use case to buy the chop saw for your workshop.

1. Affordable

The first advantage that you will notice about the chop saw or the miter saw is that they are affordable. The cost certainly varies depending on the size of the saw, type of the saw, and the saw’s motor. The compound miter saw is also affordable, and yet it offers unmatched reliability to you. While setting up a workshop, you want to be frugal, and we assure you that the chop saw will help you save money during the setup and after the setup.

2. Angled Cuts

In most cases, you would need the horizontal and the angled cuts. The good thing about the chop saw is that it can help you get the angled cuts whenever you need them. You can adjust the table to an angle, and you can lock it. The double compound chop saw can be adjusted in both directions, making your job a lot easier.

3. Easy to Use

Using the chop saw is very easy. All you need to do is that you need to power up the saw, align the material on the table, fire the blade and bring down the handle to cut the wood. It doesn’t require a lot of skills to use the chop saw to cut the wood. Apart from this, the chop saw is also easy to maintain. Changing the blade is easy, and since there are minimal moving parts, it is easy to maintain.

4. Efficiency

Chop saw is very efficient. When using the chop saw, you will notice that it cuts through the material very quickly with the utmost accuracy. The advantage of such an efficient saw is that it gets the work done very quickly and helps you maintain the quality of the work. The chop saw is also very efficient in terms of energy consumption. With the lower energy consumption levels, you save a good amount of money on electricity bills.

5. High Precision Level

The last thing here is that the chop saw has high precision levels. You get precise cuts even when you are opting for rip cutting technique. There is no chipping of the wood, and the credit goes to the high speed motor coupled with the sharp blade.

Uses of Chop Saw

There are multiple uses of the chop saw. Instead of sharing all the uses, we will generalize it so that you can understand the basic usage of the chop saw. This will help you in understanding how and where you can use the chop saw.

Horizontal Cuts

Chop saw is extensively used for getting a horizontal cut on the wood. By this, we mean that you can get a 90 degree cut with the chop saw. You can cut parallel to the wood grain, or you can cut against the wood grain. The power of the chop saw is enough to deal with the hardwoods as well. Apart from cutting the boards, the chop saw can easily cut the beams as well. You will also be able to use the chop saw for rip cutting or crosscutting.

Angled Cuts 

Another chop saw is when you need to get an angled cut on the wood. The angle of the table can be adjusted by up to 45 degrees in a standard chop saw. This will help you get the angled cut. Again, you can go ahead and opt for a crosscutting technique or a rip cutting technique.

Abrasive Cuts 

Another use of the chop saw is that you can use it to get an abrasive cut. You can do this by replacing the blade and getting an abrasive blade installed. You might be wondering that why is an abrasive blade used. So, the abrasive blade is used for cutting through metal, fiberglass, or similar material.

Final Verdict

Chip saw is a must have saw in the workshop. It will make a lot of things easy for you. The different options available in the chop saw is the standard chop saw, compound chop saw, dual compound chop saw, and the sliding compound chop saw. You can choose the model according to your needs and the project that you choose. You can also check out the buying guide for the chop saw along with the best chop saws available on the market. If you have any additional questions about the same, you can go ahead and leave a comment for us.

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