What is a Band Saw Used For? Its Pros & Cons

Band Saw

If you had used a Miter Saw, you would have realized that you can only use it to make straight cuts at 90 degrees or straight cuts at 45 degrees. This can be a problem when you want a slight curve or a fancy cut. To address this problem, you would need to purchase a band saw. So, you might be thinking that what a band saw is? Let us try and address all the basic questions about the band saw. The band saw is a highly versatile power tool that you can use for cutting the wood in a straight or curved manner. You can use the band saw for cutting thin pieces, or you can even use it to cut the large pieces of wood using the band saw. As per the general construction, the band saw has a long blade with a uniform TPI adjusted between the two wheels. The uniform TPI along with the high speed motion, gives you a uniform cutting action.

Advantages of Band Saw

Band Saw

There is a lot of variety available in the band saw, and you will come across a variable speed band saw. You will also come across different types of blades. There are a lot of variations available in the TPI and the size of the blades. If you are planning to buy the band saw, you should know about the advantages & benefits of the band saw first. Go ahead and check them out in the sections below. The band saw comes with a lot of advantages, and you can use the band saw in your workshop to accomplish a lot of work. In this section, we will talk about the advantages of the band saw. Go ahead and check them out below.

1. Fast & Accurate

The first advantage of the band saw is that they are very fast and they are very accurate. You can mark the wood with the utensils and cut the wood in the exact shape. No other saw offers this kind of accuracy, and it helps you make designs that you couldn’t have made otherwise.

2. No Wastage 

The waste is minimized when you can cut the wood in curved shapes and at the desired angle. This often translates into a lower cost of material as you can do more with the same wood. The wastage is also minimized since you have to use just one tool to get the cuts.

3. Curved Cuts

As mentioned earlier, you can cut the band saw into curved shapes. This is a significant advantage of the band saw. You can easily cut the shapes, patterns, and even alphabets. The band saw is a favorite of almost every designer and hobbyist. You can take over countless projects using the band saw.

4. Safety

We understand that a lot of people are concerned about their safety. While using the band saw, if you are also worried about safety, then you may drop your worries. Band saws are one of the safest saws in the market, and they come with a lot of safety features.

5. Versatility

Band Saw can cut through a variety of materials. You can cut the wood, metal, and even the meat using the band saw. With such versatility, you can be sure that you will cut multiple things using a band saw.

Uses of Band Saw

We have also listed some of the uses of the band saw. You can go through them to understand how having a band saw in the market will help you. Check out the pointers below to explore different uses of the band saw.

Patterns & Shapes

The first significant application of the band saw is that you can cut multiple shapes and patterns. You can cut star shape, heart shape, or anything else that you need. The advantage is that you can cut these pieces in a single block without making joints later on.


While designing the furniture, you would need curved pieces of wood. This can be while making a rocking chair or while making the backboard of the bed. You can get all this done with the help of a simple band saw.

Bill Boards

As mentioned earlier, you can use a band saw for cutting shapes and designs. This means that you can even use the band saw for cutting out alphabets. With the help of this, you can even make billboards using a band saw. It is a much-welcomed feature for the people who love to pick similar projects.


Many commercial butcher houses use a band saw to commercially produce the meat. This is yet another feature of the band saw, and you can take advantage of this feature if you are in the food industry. There are some regulations around it, but it is quite a good use case for band saw.

Ripping the Wood

If you think you can only use the band saw for cutting the designs, you’re mistaken. You can even use the band saw for ripping the wood. The feature is quite helpful when you need to perform a task of the miter saw.

Metal Cutting

Apart from cutting the meat and the wood, the band saw can also cut the thin sheets of metal. You need a high TPI blade to cut the metal. Additionally, you can also cut the fiber with the help of the band saw.

Adjusting the Edges

When you cut the wood perpendicular, you can get sharp edges, and you might have to tone it down. To do this, you can use a band saw and trim down the edges of the wood. This will help you in getting a better finish in less amount of time. Later on, you can use sanding paper to get the final touch.

Final Verdict

This was all the possible information about the band saw. The band saws are very versatile, and they can help you cut through different materials. You have already seen the different uses of the band saw, and we are sure that you would be impressed by this kind of utility. You can check out the best band saws available in the market before you purchase one for yourself.

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