What is a Chain Saw? Its Uses & Advantages

Chain Saw

A chainsaw is a portable tool that is usually powered by gasoline, battery, or electricity. A chain is attached to the motor, and the chain has sharp teeth that cut through the material. This chain rotates around a guided bar that keeps it in place. There are multiple uses of the chain saw, and it is one of the most versatile tools you will find in the market. You will be surprised to learn that mechanical chain saws were even used in surgery to cut bones. Later the modern day equipment replaced the chain saw.

Talking a little more about the chains saw, it is made up of different parts. The first and the most important part of the chain saw is the engine. The engine generates torque that moves the chain. The chain saw may have an internal combustion engine, or it may even have an electric motor that can be powered using a battery or electric input. The second most important part of the chain saw is the drive mechanism. It has a centrifugal clutch along with a sprocket assembly. The part of the chainsaw is the guide bars that are generally made of alloy steel. The chain saw generates a lot of friction, and hence it needs to be constantly lubricated. To do so, there is a gauge, oil holes, grease holes, and guide slot.

Chain Saw

You might find it interesting to know that the chain saw also has different types of bar, and the cutting chain may also differ in the specifications. The last important part of the chains saw is the tensioning mechanism and the safety features like the chain brakes, handle guard and other parts. By now, you would have understood the basic functioning of the chain saw, so let us now move ahead and learn a little about the uses & advantages of the chain saw.

Advantages of Chain Saw

As mentioned earlier, the chain saw is one of the most versatile tools available in the market. It has so many advantages that you will fall in love with the tool. Go ahead and check out the benefits below.

1. Can Cut Variety of Material

the first thing that you will notice about the chain saw is that it is very versatile to use. It can cut through different types of material, and it can handle them all easily. Many people use the chain saw to cut through wood, ice, and even fiber. This makes your chain saw the one-stop solution.

2. Compact & Easy to Store

The chain saw is compact and very easy to store. You can even buy a storage case, and it won’t take a lot of space in your garage. Apart from this, the chain saw is also easy to carry, and it is portable. So, you would not have to worry about the transportation or the storage of the chain saw.

3. Durable

The next important thing here is the durability of the chain saw. The chain saw is highly durable, and it requires little or no maintenance. The chain saws can take a lot of abuse, so you will love how they can manage themselves. The only thing that you need to do while maintaining the chain saw is refill the oil.

4. Easy to Use

Chain saw is one of the easiest tools to use. If it is a gasoline chain saw all you need to do is start the engine and engage the clutch to use it. If it is an electric chain saw then you can turn on the master switch and begin using the chain saw.

5. Emergency & Planned Tasks

There can be different emergencies around your property. For example, you may encounter a fallen tree or find some other constraints that need a bit of aggression. In such a case, you can use the chain saw to cut through the material quickly and remove the blocker.

6. Epic Fast

When you turn on the chain saw for the first time; you will notice that they are epic fast. The speed is just phenomenal, and it is the speed that gives you the required agility. If you are using a good-quality chain saw, then it will take less than a minute for you to cut through a 12-inch log.

7. Highly Versatile

The chain saws are also highly versatile. They are straightforward to use, and they help you accomplish a variety of tasks. Anyone can use the chain saw, and you won’t have to train yourself to use the chain saw.

8. Powertrain

The chain saw is available in multiple powertrain options. You can get the traditional gas-powered chain saw. If you are concerned about the environment, you can even buy an electric or a battery-powered chain saw. The electric chain saw needs to be connected to a power outlet, whereas the battery chain saws are cordless.

Uses of Chain Saw

Below are some of the uses of the chain saw. There are many more, but we have listed only the more common ones. Go ahead and check out how you can use your chain saw.

Cutting/Trimming Trees & Wood

The first and the most common use of the chain saw is that it is used for cutting or trimming the trees and the wood. It can handle thick logs, and you can even use it for trimming the branches too. You can maintain your garden using the chain saw, and you can use it to remove the trees or deal with emergencies.

Carving Wood or Ice

Don’t be surprised when we tell you that the chain saw is also used for carving. Yes, that is right. Many artists use the chain saw for carving the wood or the ice. They can give a fantastic finish to the material that you are working on.

Creating Joints

Many people also use the chain saw for creating the joints. This use would not be something new to you, and it adds versatility to your work. So, go ahead and explore the different types of joints you can create using a chain saw.

Ice Holes

The next use of the chain saw is specific to cold climates. You can use the chain saw to cut a hole in the ice, which you can further use for swimming or fishing. This is one great utility that you can’t get with any other chain saw.

Final Verdict

There are many uses and advantages of the chain saw. By going through the details listed above, you would have understood that the chain saw is one of the most versatile tools. In any case, you should have a chain saw at home, which can help you with many tasks. You will also be able to maintain your garden in a proper shape with the help of the chain saw. You can find out about the best-selling chain saws in the market, which will help you with the shortlisting process.

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