What is Dovetail Saw? Its Uses & Advantages

Dovetail Saw

For many tasks, you would need a hand saw. These tasks usually require a high level of precision which cant be achieved using a machine saw. In such a case, you need to have different types of hand saws in the workshop. One such option that you have is to buy a Dovetail Saw. Dovetail Saw is a type of hand saw similar to a tenon saw or any other hand saw. The salient feature of the Dovetail Saw is that it has a sharper blade with high Teeth Per Inch. The high TPI gives you a smoother finish when you are working with the saw.

Dovetail Saw


Dovetail Saw requires you to have a specific skill set to be able to use it properly. Without the skills and experience, it will take some time for you to get accustomed to the Dovetail Saw. Before moving further, let us share some more information about the Dovetail Saw. This saw is usually made of two parts. The handle and the primary blade. You can replace the blade, but you would not need to replace it frequently. It is also possible to sharpen the Dovetail Saw blade, which is usually enough maintenance for it.

Let us now jump on to the next section to learn about the advantages & benefits of Dovetail Saw.

Advantages of Dovetail Saw

Below are some of the advantages of the Dovetail Saw. Check them out now.

1. High Precision

The Dovetail Saw has a high TPI, and the blade is very sharp. The size of the saw is also small, and because of this, it helps you a great deal with high-precision tasks. No other saw can help you deal with woodwork with such a high level of precision.

2. Hand-Held Saw

Now, you would need saws that are small and portable. There are advantages of having such tools with you. You can’t just use a power tool for every task. In such a case, you can use the Dovetail Saw to get compactness, precision, and the desired finish.

3. Minimal Maintenance

The best part about the Dovetail Saw is that it requires no or minimal maintenance. The saw is easy to use, and the only maintenance it would require is the periodic sharpening of the blades. This is also an advantage with the handheld saw. Since the blade is short, there is almost no chance of you breaking the blade.

4. Hard & Soft Wood

The last advantage of the Dovetail Saw is that it can deal with hardwood and softwood. The Dovetail Saw works on the push action, which is why it can easily cut along or against the grain. The finish offered by the Dovetail Saw is unmatched.

Uses of Dovetail Saw

When you are purchasing a product, you try to find out about all the uses of the saw to use it properly. Since there is not much information available about the Dovetail Saw on the web, we have decided to call out all the uses. Check them out below.

Dovetail Joints

The first reason for buying the Dovetail Saw is to make the Dovetail joints. Dovetail joints are state-of-the-art joints that require a lot of precision and handwork. These joints look amazing, and they hold well too. When you are making a Dovetail Joint, you would need a precise saw. Only the Dovetail Saw can serve the purpose in such a case. You will need a lot of training to make the Dovetail Joints but buying the Dovetail Saw is the first part.

Precision Woodwork

Many people think that you can only use the Dovetail Saw for making Dovetail Joints, but that is not true. You can use the Dovetail Saw for other tasks as well, which requires a lot of precision. For example, you can use the Dovetail Saw for framing-related work or the Dovetail Saw for beading work.

Final Verdict

This was all about the Dovetail Saw, and we hope that we provided you with a new perspective towards the Dovetail Saw. These advantages & uses of the Dovetail Saw will help you understand how you can use the Dovetail Saw to its maximum capabilities. Apart from this, you can also explore the best Dovetail Saws available in the market to purchase one for yourself. If you need any other information about the Dovetail Saw, you can write back to us.